Candy’s Strawberry Shortcake Martini

Originally posted on August 20, 2010 If you heard a disturbingly loud moan coming from the Western part of the nation this afternoon, it was probably me after sampling...


A Book That Will Make Your Kid’s Head Spin

Original book title:  How to Cope with the Terrible Twos. Photo Source


Blind Gossip Item About a “Special” Disney Star

Which “special” star of a Disney Junior show is famous for his tips about healthy eating and exercise, yet has been known to inhale two Double Whoppers as a...

6 Tips for a Fun St. Patrick’s Day Celebration with the Family

Now that we have little ones, Mr. Candy and I don’t exactly party on St. Patty’s Day like we used to (meaning: we see something about it on the evening news...

How a New Dad Might Tweak the Lyrics of “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?”

It’s no secret that new babies aren’t exactly the best thing for our sex lives.  In fact, sex is often the furthest thing from an exhausted mom’s...

Female Pilot Receives Ridiculously Sexist Note from Passenger

WestJet Airlines pilot Carey Steacy, mother of two and pilot for 17 years, received an insanely sexist note from a passenger — “David” in seat 12E...

Woman Congratulates Couple on Their Pregnancy — With a Surprise Twist


Funny Baby Picture: Evading The Lady’s Advances

Dude!  Some day you’ll learn to seize these opportunities when they come along.


Top 5 Signs Your Dog Needs to Go on a Diet

A new study reveals pet obesity may be growing at the highest rate in households with new babies, due to dogs eating food dropped by the baby, less attentive parents and...

Kelsey Grammer, 59, Expecting Sixth Child — His Frasier Family Reacts

Yes!  Kelsey, also a grandfather to two-year-old Emmett, is expecting his second child with fourth wife Kayte Walsh — his sixth child in total.  (Follow that?)...