The House Hunt

Miss Skye will go to kindergarten next year (say WHA–?!), which means I have been obsessively researching schools and options in the Los Angeles area.  And by...


Funny Baby Picture: “Why Doesn’t This Thing Work?”

You’re not alone, kid.  I’m sure Kim Kardshian has made the same mistake. [Source]


Fun Game Time: The Laughing Stork’s Toddler Bingo

Got a fake cryer? A leg-clinger? A biter? Then you might just have B-I-N-G-O.

Friday: A Baby’s Perspective

Darn right, kid.

What a “March Madness” Bracket Might Entail for a Mom

The battles taking place during a mom’s “March Madness” involve slightly different competitors than, say, Gonzaga vs. Wichita State.


Candy’s Strawberry Shortcake Martini

Originally posted on August 20, 2010 If you heard a disturbingly loud moan coming from the Western part of the nation this afternoon, it was probably me after sampling...


A Book That Will Make Your Kid’s Head Spin

Original book title:  How to Cope with the Terrible Twos. Photo Source


Blind Gossip Item About a “Special” Disney Star

Which “special” star of a Disney Junior show is famous for his tips about healthy eating and exercise, yet has been known to inhale two Double Whoppers as a...

6 Tips for a Fun St. Patrick’s Day Celebration with the Family

Now that we have little ones, Mr. Candy and I don’t exactly party on St. Patty’s Day like we used to (meaning: we see something about it on the evening news...

How a New Dad Might Tweak the Lyrics of “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?”

It’s no secret that new babies aren’t exactly the best thing for our sex lives.  In fact, sex is often the furthest thing from an exhausted mom’s...