If These Cartoon Characters Became Parents It Just Wouldn’t Be the Same

You know, it’s a good thing certain cartoons never jumped the shark and had their characters become parents — because, as you’ll see, it just...


Then and Now: Life with Kids

Remember life before kids?   Yeah, our recollection is a little fuzzy, too.  Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to see how everyday life has changed since...

Today’s Most Outrageous Parenting Headlines

Bride under fire for fastening newborn daughter into the back of her wedding dress as she walked down the aisle [Daily Mail] Awwww.  Baby’s first train ride!

Warning: This Baby’s First Laugh with Her Dad May Cause Infectious Laughter, Desire to Have More Kids

Here it is: Your daily dose of “AWWWWWW.”

My Behind-the-Scenes Coverage of the ABC Game Show ‘Bet on Your Baby’

One of the many, many glamorous perks of my job as a parenting humor blogger — besides getting to work from home and spill pasta sauce on my shirt without anyone...

Yet More Honest and Funny Birth Announcements

Behold our second installment of totally honest birth announcements (THBA)!

Woman Goes NUTS When She Finds Out She’s Going to be a Grandmother

Awwww, this brings back memories. We shared the news of my first pregnancy with my mother-in-law by giving her a card containing the ultrasound while we had breakfast at...

What to Expect from Kim and Kanye’s Wedding

As my fellow pop culture addicts surely are aware, the wedding of the CENTURY — well, okay, the wedding of the WEEK — is taking place soon.  That’s...

The Moment You Find Out Your Crush Has Accepted Your Facebook Friend Request

But no Google Plus’ing with him, young lady.  That’s where we draw the line.

If Only Childbirth WERE Full of Sprinkles and Strawberries

I must be becoming desensitized to these childbirth recreation cakes, because I must say: that vagina cake looks delicious. via Imgur