Because I Can’t Help It: The Obligatory-Yet-Entertaining Celebrity Baby Bump Slide Show

I always roll my eyes when I read the tabloid headlines declaring, “So-and-So Shows Off Her Baby Bump!” — then immediately click on the story to check out said bump. There is just something oddly fascinating about watching women’s bellies grow as this alien life form takes over their bodies (with that kind of romantic outlook, I should write baby shower cards for Hallmark, don’t you think?), as evidenced by the way people stare whenever I waddle into a Starbucks.  You know, back in the day when I could actually venture outside.  And when we’re talking about celebrities’ growing bellies…?  We cannot get enough!  At least I can’t.  Which is why I present to you…

THE OBLIGATORY-YET-ENTERTAINING CELEBRITY BABY BUMP SLIDE SHOW!  (Try saying that five times fast.)  Captions are underneath.


Fashion Police: Katie Holmes in Wonderland

SURI:  Goodie!  She wore the outfit I picked out for her.

VIOLET:  Holy smokes.  Her coat.  THAT WOMAN KILLED THE EASTER BUNNY!  Where am I going to get my Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs from now, huh, lady?

The Laughing Stork Fashion Police Commentators:

Suri Cruise, Pint-Sized Fashionista

Violet Affleck, Seemingly Well-Adjusted Celebrity Offspring