News Roundup: Katie Holmes Bravely Speaks Out About Penis Gummies-gate

Katie Holmes says she is “horrified” by Suri’s penis gummies scandal.  Fun challenge of the day:  Find a way to casually work “penis gummies” into conversation!  [Us]

Are leashes for children?  Personally, I believe in more humane ways of keeping kids in line.  Like taser guns and embedded GPS tracking chips. [New York Times]

Mom believes Facebook was making her a “bad parent,” decides to kick her Internet addiction.  But then… where will she be able to see videos of dogs dancing the Funky Chicken?  [Babble]

New Parents Desperately Seeking Other New Parents For Socializing. Key quote:  “New parents David and Diane Huber, both 28, remain locked in a desperate search for other parents with whom they can talk exclusively about children, child-rearing, and their beautiful eight-month-old son Tyler, sources said Monday.”  [The Onion]

In today’s wholly inappropriate “Who Wore It Best?” column:  The Suri vs. Honor edition.  [HollyBaby]

If this were my maiden name, then I would have taken my husband’s last name.  [TwitPic]