The Crying Game: Tennis Player David Ferrer Hits Ball at Bawling Baby

What is it with tennis and golf players, who are such delicate geniuses that even the sound of a leaf falling makes them miss their shot — and demand to have the tree thrown out of the stadium/off the course for “ruining” their concentration?  Meanwhile, a baseball player can throw a 100-MPH fastball within, like, a 17-inch strike zone even as loud, irate fans are throwing Budweiser cans at his head.

Well, one such delicate genius, Spanish tennis player David Ferrer, was so upset that a baby was crying in the stands (and that he was losing big-time to American Mardy Fish), that he actually took a tennis ball and HIT IT IN THE DIRECTION OF THE BABY.  Thankfully, Ferrer’s aim was as good as it had been the rest of the match and didn’t come close to hitting the child who stopped crying soon thereafter.  Most likely so he could tell Ferrer, “Oh, really mature, dude.”

Ferrer, who ended up losing, blamed his defeat not on the baby, but on a case of indigestion.  Yes!  It was a bad tuna sandwich that caused his shots to go wide!  Sounds like taking responsibility for his actions isn’t exactly one of his strong suits.