VERY Dedicated Mom Make Starburst Prom Dress for Daughter Out of Thousands of Wrappers

As a SNCM (Sewing Needle-Challenged Mother) who is proud when she’s able to properly reattach a button — okay, you got me, I’ve never been able to properly reattach a button — I am beyond impressed by (and a little concerned for) the mom who crafted her daughter’s prom dress entirely out of Starburst wrappers.

Yup.  Six years of collecting candy wrappers plus buying twenty pounds of candy at a time equals… er, one heck of a commitment on mom’s part.

Not only did Wisconsin high school senior Tara Frey end up with a sweet dress (see what I did there?), but her prom ensemble also included matching heels and a handbag — plus a candy wrapper waistcoat for Tara’s boyfriend, Zane Heinselman, who was escorting her as his date.

“Do I like it?” repeated a slightly sheepish Zane Heinselman when asked to share his feelings about the Starburst vest. “I don’t really have a choice.”

Meaning:  She had BETTER put out for me after all of this.

Tara’s very dedicated mom explained that each wrapper had to be folded eight times and pressed with tweezers to achieve a tight weave.  She even enlisted friends to help with the work.

“That’s why we call it a community project,” she said.

Although she was unable to estimate how much candy in total was used to make the final dress, she said it took FIVE failed attempts before her daughter agreed on a design.  Yeah, at that point, I’d begin to wonder who is really intent on a Starburst dress — me or my kid — or else I would threaten to make her wear a Laffy Taffy dress if she didn’t start cooperating.

With prom just over a week away, Tara admitted she was feeling apprehensive about her colorful wax paper dress.

“It’s going to be a little bit too much attention, but hey, she [her mother] worked hard on it,” she said.

If that’s not a rousing vote of enthusiasm, I don’t know what is!

Sweet on this style?  (Sorry, the puns are just too easy to ignore.)  More wrapper designs after the jump…

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Kate Hudson’s Son Protects Baby from Spicy Foods, Her Driving

katehudson-todayshow Kate Hudson is making the media rounds for her new movie Something Borrowed — so, of course, she is being asked to talk about her pregnancy, like, all the time.  In fact, I haven’t read any quotes from her about the movie, but I do know the status of the baby’s nursery now.

“This time I’m actually set up. Whereas before with Ryder [now 7], I didn’t even have a nursery. I didn’t really have a house until I was seven months pregnant,” the actress told reporters on Sunday. “This time it feels like I actually got to paint a nursery. I actually have a color in a room!”

The 32-year-old mother-to-be chose a neutral color, yellow, because “it’s a good sunny color for kids.”

“This is a totally different pregnancy, completely,” Kate explained. “It couldn’t be more opposite.”

And her son Ryder has some definite opinions about his mom’s growing belly and the prospect of being a big brother yet again.

“He’s got a sister, but now he’s really enjoying it. He like making fun of me,” Kate laughed. “He’s like, ‘You’re huge,’ and all that kind of stuff. He’s very protective, Ryder is.”

How so? “I put spicy stuff on my food and he goes, ‘Mom, don’t eat that.’ I said, ‘What?’ He said, ‘Don’t eat that.’ This was last night. He said, ‘The baby might not like spicy.’ I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ All of a sudden he doesn’t want me to drive a car. ‘You shouldn’t be driving.’ I can’t get up on anything high. Like I got up on the thing to get his ball out and he went, ‘Just get down.’ He’s very protective. It’s pretty cute.”

Although Kate was coy about her due date, as so many celebrities are — “I’m due sooner than later,” she teased — she did put one rumor to rest: “It’s not going to be twins!”

As far as the baby being a boy or a girl…?  SPOILER ALERT:  Yes, we can confirm it IS going to be one or the other.

I Don’t Know About Victoria, But I’d Sure Like to Know Miranda Kerr’s Secret

MiranaKerr-BikiniSupermodels — they are NOT just like us.

While most new mothers take at least a year — a very healthy and normal amount of time — to regain their pre-baby figure, ol’ Miranda Kerr here is simultaneously looking as slender and, um, more bodacious than ever just three months after giving birth to son Flynn.  In a skimpy black bikini, no less.

No pressure or anything, ladies!

The Australian model and better half of Orlando Bloom, 27, rocked the two-piece during a photo shoot in Malibu.

If you’re ever wondered if life is fair, this is photographic proof that it is not.  Sigh.