Clip of the Day: Pregnant in Heels, Clueless in Diapers

Pregnant in Heels’ Mina raves that she lives a “fabulous lifestyle,” one in which her only responsibility is putting her husband’s credit cards to work at various Manhattan department stores.  Although her C-section happening in just a few days, Mina has never even held a baby, much less changed a baby’s diaper — and, as you’ll see, her natural skills are about as good as her attitude.

Mina’s parenting tip of the day:  Not sure where to start?  Just toss the baby on the couch!  It’ll figure things out on its own.

Key quote from last night’s show:  “But, you know, like, changing the diapers… those things I don’t have to do.  It’s work.  I don’t want to do work.”

Kid Critic Thinks Famous Art Museum Needs Less Art, More Dinosaur Bones

Recently the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in Manhattan asked visitors to share their experiences on notecards that were then posted online.   Apparently, young Annabelle was not a fan of the exciting and provocative German Kubus Stacking Storage Containers collection and 1930s aluminum coffee table exhibit — shocking, as I thought all kids were enthusiasts of 80-year-old household stuff — and had no qualms about expressing her disappointment about her museum experience in general, as you can see to the right.

Although I agree that most every place can use more dinosaurs, did Annabelle not see MoMA’s Hugh Hefner exhibit...?