Funny Baby Picture: Rock-a-Bye Baby, on the Shoe Top

Awwwwww.  I’m guessing the smell in there is enough to make anyone pass out. [Note to self:  New sleep training method?]


Happy Back-to-School Season!

In her defense, perhaps she was just attempting to demonstrate her lesson plan explaining the effects of gravity (and Two-Buck Chuck). Source


If My Toddler Live-Tweeted Dora

He’s right; Dora really does need to put on her listening ears.

Deep Thoughts by North West

What Your Summer Sandals Say About You

Turns out, flip-flops can say a lot beyond their slightly obnoxious smacking sound. A little something I cooked up for NickMom


You Know You’re a Mom When…

Mmmmm… musty onesies.


5 Ways That Cats Can Serve as Baby Accessories

If you happen to have a cat when you become pregnant, there invariably will be people who will tell you that you MUST get rid of the poor feline for any variety of crazy...

C’mon, Let’s Tweet to Help Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals!

I now interrupt your regular programming of family-related absurdity to let you know about something near and dear to my heart… While conducting behind-the-scenes...

Lil’ Kim Names Her Baby Girl Royal Reign

In response, Royal Reign pooped her pants. Source


Father’s Day is Around the Corner

Perhaps Dad could use a new outfit.  This one would be perfect for yard work!