5 Ways That Cats Can Serve as Baby Accessories

If you happen to have a cat when you become pregnant, there invariably will be people who will tell you that you MUST get rid of the poor feline for any variety of crazy reasons — from cats “stealing babies’ breath” (has never happened) to cats’ dander making the air less “pure” (no more so than babies’ dirty diapers, let me tell you).  I can tell you from experience that cats not only make adorable, harmless companions for babies, but can also serve as helpful baby accessories:

1.  Cat as baby blanket.


2.  Cat as boppy.

3.  Cat as teddy bear.

4.  Cat as protective belt.

5.  Cat as toddler pillow.


C’mon, Let’s Tweet to Help Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals!

I now interrupt your regular programming of family-related absurdity to let you know about something near and dear to my heart…

While conducting behind-the-scenes interviews for the ABC game show Bet on Your Baby, I was lucky enough to get to chat with 5-year-old Joshua Miller and hear how Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has helped him. Joshua was born with challenges associated with a condition called Werner Mesomelic Dysplasia with Hirschsprung Disease, caused by genetic mutations. He has undergone multiple surgeries on his heart and limbs, and his feet were amputated when he was a toddler, so he relies on artificial legs. He’s also incredibly bright and was seriously 10 times more agile and gregarious than anyone else in the room. Such a beautiful spirit and inspiration.

To help other kids like Joshua, be sure to join me (@CandyKirby) and other wise-cracking moms on Twitter on Saturday from 8-9 ET, where we’ll be live-Tweeting “Bet on Your Baby” on ABC (Joshua makes an appearance!  And, oh my, he is such a ham!) and chatting about the sillier side of parenthood (as we’re prone to do) — and, for every Tweet we generate, Luvs will donate one diaper to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.   Just use the hashtag #LuvsBOYB.  So we’ll be laughing and Tweeting for a great cause!

The other funny moms joining our Twitter par-tay are @snarkymommy @mamabirddiaries @annsrants @nodomesticdiva @robinobryant.

Hope to chat with y’all then!

Hugs, kisses and tweets,