Why We Don’t Bring Our Cats to the Beach

Although the lifeguard stations do make great scratching posts.


Simon Cowell is Having a Baby! With, um, His Friend’s Wife!

Oh, Simon. The 53-year-old media mogul, who is not exactly known for his nurturing and paternal ways, is indeed having a baby with his “close” friend Andrew...


Baby Shower Cupcakes Gone Apocalyptically Wrong

Sign #164 of the Zombie Apocalypse?  Zombie babies invading our baked goods… With thanks to Laughing Stork reader, Tara, for submitting the photo of the...


The Laughing Stork Launches New Parenting Magazine!

If there is one thing that parents need — well, okay, BESIDES eyes in the back of their heads, an additional set of arms and more vodka in their liquor cabinets...


Guess Who Said It: Quotes from Celebrity Parents

Oh, celebrities just say the darndest things, don’t they?  And celebrity parents are no exception.  Guess the famous folks who spouted these parental pearls of...

Baby Comic

The Shopping Cart Handle Also Makes a Great Teether

An original comic by Laughing Stork reader Michael Patrick.  Check out more of his parenting cartoons here!


If Neanderthal Moms Could Have Tweeted About Their Daily Lives

I have an admittedly bizarre fascination with Neanderthal parents (see: my parenting advice column from Wilma), especially the mothers, often wondering what they would...


Because What is a Royal Birth Without a Royal Baby Cocktail?

I’ve let my cocktail recipe column languish for way too long — and what better reason to re-launch it than the birth of PRINCE GEORGE?!  (And I say that...


Deep Baby Thoughts: What is Duke Rancic Thinking in This Picture?

via Giuliana’s Instagram


Submit a Funny Baby Picture!

The most popular and visited part of The Laughing Stork is, by far, the funny baby pictures — with many readers searching for a much-needed giggle and some even...