Stuff My Kids Say: A Preschooler’s Deep Thoughts at the End of Christmas

Some of us take the time to reflect on our blessings at the end of Christmas day.  My preschooler, on the other hand, hopes that the party is just getting

House Hunters Haikus

In poetic celebration of one of my favorite television series: HGTV’s House Hunters. Husband hates granite Wife wants a mansion for free Realtor rethinks job Some say...

The Cats Explain What They REALLY Want for Christmas

In Venn Diagram form, of course, as cats are prone to doing. Just a sampling of the kind of content I’ll be posting when I launch WOMAN VS. FAMILY (a cartoon...


Multi-Tasking: Gisele vs. Candy

By now, you’ve all likely seen Gisele’s Instagram shot of her “multi-tasking” at work.  Not to be outdone by the supermodel, I thought I’d...


The Twelve Days of Christmas: As Sung by a Mom


10 Tips for Creating a Memorable Family Holiday Card

1.  Be an overachiever when it comes to humiliating your pet.

5 Things I Learned from the 2013 Emmys

1.  Zosia Mamet’s breasts are now starring in the “Mask of Zorro!” 2.  Will Arnett was apparently promoting his new spin-off of “Up All...

How to Dance Like a Pro (Well, Like a Preschooler)

Dance parties are a big part of being a parent, especially when you’re the parent of younger children.  I love them because when I am hosting (or am summoned to)...

Kid Leaves Terrifying Note for Dad

I’m guessing this girl isn’t a morning person (just a hunch):

This Mug is Made for Buyin’

A number of readers have reached out to me to see if I actually sell the coffee mug I posted last week.  And, well… Now I do!  There’s even a Zazzle sale...