Humiliating Pet Portraits: Cats & Dogs in New Year’s Hats

New Year’s parties and resolutions may come and go, but one thing remains constant year after year: people’s affinity for wearing ridiculous New Year’s hats.   And even better…?   People’s affinity for putting ridiculous New Year’s hats on their pets — and sharing the pictures.

Happy New Year to us!

“Happy F*&@#ing New Year.”

House Hunters Haikus

In poetic celebration of one of my favorite television series: HGTV’s House Hunters.

Husband hates granite
Wife wants a mansion for free
Realtor rethinks job

Some say show is fake
House already in escrow
But we are still hooked

I’d Rather Be Home
on Couch Watching House Hunters
Good bumper sticker

Makes me long for life abroad
‘Til I see li’l rooms

Small budget, first house
Makes for really boring show
Bigger is better

She demands fixer
He loathes tools and mess and work
Divorce court ahead