Wait ‘Til She Finds Out the Little Piggy Never Went to Market

With thanks to Laughing Stork reader, Ashley J., for this fantastic picture of her daughter.

5 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Mom (and Dad) Pictures Shared on the Internet

I try very, very hard not to judge other parents– unless, that is, they happen to be a celebrity posting ridiculous pictures of themselves on the Internet, in...

The Right Way Versus The Wrong Way to Respond When a Person’s Cat Dies

Perhaps the only debate that gets folks more riled up than the PRO-LIFE VERSUS PRO-CHOICE argument is one of equal importance: CATS VERSUS DOGS!  This is no surprise,...

Pro Parenting Tip: How to Avoid More Snow Days

May take a lot of See’s Candy fundraising to get one of these bad boys for your school, but it will be SO worth it.

The Dirtiest Lyrics from Disney Princess Movies

Um, yeah, perhaps my kids would be better off listening to more innocent music — like Eminem. Crabs would know.

Valentine’s Day Candy Hearts for Toddlers

What Valentine’s Day candy hearts might say if toddlers ruled the candy companies (like they rule most everything else)…

If Advertising Slogans for Women’s Products Were Honest

Ah, if only marketers were this up-front about what we can really expect from their products.

10 Golden GIFs of the “Golden Girls” to Help You Get Through the Day

Because, sometimes, we all need a li’l dose of Golden Girls to help us get through the day. Thank you, girls, for being a GIF…er, friend.

Looks Like This Baby Needs to Lay Off the TGIF Celebration

I’ll have what he’s having.

Deep Thoughts by Jackson Theron

“Uh, Mom?  Get your nose out of the iced tea and HELP ME HERE!  I’ve seen what this guy’s done to the paparazzi.”