Infographic: Most Popular Weight-Loss Techniques Among New Moms

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Jerry Seinfeld Aptly Pokes Fun at Kids’ Ridiculous Bedtime Routines and Their “Stuffed Animal Semi-Circle of Emotional Support”

If you, like me, are exhausted by the time you FINALLY get the kids in bed, then you’ll appreciate this clip from Jerry Seinfeld’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon...

These sperm cupcakes are sure to go over swimmingly with guests.

Time to Gawk at More Bizarre Baby Shower Cakes — and Cupcakes!

Because when you think of celebrating a new life, you think of these words:  alien chest burster, sugary sperm and a cannibal’s dream cupcake!


Top 10 Worst Girl Scout Cookie Sales Pitches

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10 Funny Pictures for Presidents’ Day

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A Precious Valentine’s Day Sentiment for The Father of Your Child(ren)

8 Most Passive-Aggressive Comments from Parents at a Preschool Birthday Party

#8 – “You’re serving juice boxes, too?  Heck, why don’t you just let the kids SNORT sugar?  Ha, haaaa!” #7 – “It’s cute...

Survey: Who Benefits from the Endless Snow Days?

Yup, that’s about it…

The 10 Most Miserable Baby Cupids on the Internet

Not everyone thinks Valentine’s Day is so “happy”… “I made it down the birth canal and all I got was this lousy photo shoot.”

He Doesn’t Always Take a Bath, But When He Does…

…He likes to do some dishes, too.