Pro Parenting Tip: How to Get Your Kids’ Attention

"Don't look now, but those people staring at us..? They have a problem."

10 Signs You Have a ‘Scandal’ Addiction Problem

I recently made the mistake of starting to watch Scandal on Netflix. As a result, I abandoned my children, husband, work and general hygiene in favor of being glued to...

The Text You Never Want to Get from Your Dog

NAKED CANINE SELFIE!  (I blame the Kardashians.)

Today’s Top News in Two Sentences or Less

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox welcome a baby boy named Bodhi Ransom Green.  Word has it they named him after their favorite flip-flop-wearing stoner dude selling...

Some Moms Dream of a Bigger Kitchen Pantry or a New Oven. I Dream of This…

Yes, please.


Infographic: Most Popular Weight-Loss Techniques Among New Moms

See also:  Mr. Candy’s projected cost of college tuition in 2027.

Jerry Seinfeld Aptly Pokes Fun at Kids’ Ridiculous Bedtime Routines and Their “Stuffed Animal Semi-Circle of Emotional Support”

If you, like me, are exhausted by the time you FINALLY get the kids in bed, then you’ll appreciate this clip from Jerry Seinfeld’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon...

These sperm cupcakes are sure to go over swimmingly with guests.

Time to Gawk at More Bizarre Baby Shower Cakes — and Cupcakes!

Because when you think of celebrating a new life, you think of these words:  alien chest burster, sugary sperm and a cannibal’s dream cupcake!


Top 10 Worst Girl Scout Cookie Sales Pitches

Oh yes, it’s that time of year again — time to inhale Thin Mints by the dozen! (Well, you can’t expect me to limit myself to only one… or...

10 Funny Pictures for Presidents’ Day

Because what better way to celebrate Presidents’ Day than giggling at funny pictures involving presidents (however peripherally)…? “Hey, where’s...