Feeling Guilty About Your Dirty House? These Pictures Will Make You Feel Better.

As you’re kicking Legos and fruit snack wrappers and sippy cups full of rotten milk out of your way en route to the couch, remember:  at least your house...

8 Signs You Have ‘Frozen’ Fatigue

A new survey by mental health professionals has revealed parents around the country are suffering from a debilitating condition called “Frozen Fatigue”...


Funny Baby Picture: Consider Yourself Warned

I love this picture.  I bet they were up late watching Cheaters together.


Today’s Celebrity News Presented in 6 GIFs

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton announce their separation.

When Parents Disagree About How Many Kids They Should Have (Cartoon)


Pro Parenting Tip: How to Get Your Kids’ Attention

"Don't look now, but those people staring at us..? They have a problem."

10 Signs You Have a ‘Scandal’ Addiction Problem

I recently made the mistake of starting to watch Scandal on Netflix. As a result, I abandoned my children, husband, work and general hygiene in favor of being glued to...

The Text You Never Want to Get from Your Dog

NAKED CANINE SELFIE!  (I blame the Kardashians.)

Today’s Top News in Two Sentences or Less

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox welcome a baby boy named Bodhi Ransom Green.  Word has it they named him after their favorite flip-flop-wearing stoner dude selling...

Some Moms Dream of a Bigger Kitchen Pantry or a New Oven. I Dream of This…

Yes, please.