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Come to Mama: Müller’s New Dessert-Inspired Yogurt

I don’t always review yogurt. But when I do, I make sure it comes in strawberry cheesecake:



Yeah, I’m easy like that.

Müller just launched this line of dessert-inspired yogurt — Strawberry Cheesecake and Raspberry Brownie Supreme and Peach Cobbler and Dulce De Leche Delight… oh my! — and asked me to share my thoughts about it.  My first thought being, “Where can I hide this in the fridge so the kids don’t eat it?”  (Hey, I was like an only child; sharing is not my forte.)  I will admit:  I usually eat light yogurts, so my eyebrows raised when I read the label (200+ calories).  However, unlike most yogurts, this Müller one actually left me feeling — gasp! — full.  I didn’t graze on the kids’ leftovers for at least another hour!  And, yes, it is as yummy as it sounds.

The yogurt not only comes with crunchy goodies on the side, but also a hilarious video campaign.  Check out this music video, “Satisfy Me (Yogurt with Benefits),” from Girls With Glasses:

Mama needs a break/mama-mama needs a break

Mama needs a break/mama-mama needs a break

Darn straight.

This post was sponsored by Müller Yogurt.  The addiction to strawberry cheesecake-flavored treats is all mine.  Check out the #yogurtwithbenefits campaign on Facebook and Twitter.



Delicious New Recipe: Ravioli-os

Try this innovative meal when you really want to impress your guests.


  • 6-ounce portion of Gerber Graduates Chicken & Carrot Ravioli
  • Approximately one handful of Cheerios
  • A big heap of toddler boredom and “creativity”


  • Entertain/distract toddler by offering Cheerios as she impatiently waits in high chair for her favorite ravioli.
  • Run around kitchen like a loon as you simultaneously search for last box of ravioli in back of cupboard, prepare cup of milk, grab utensils and napkins, soothe increasingly impatient toddler, and spin seven plates on your head.
  • Phew!  Found it.  Microwave ravioli for 25 seconds.
  • Sweep up shards of broken plates that fell off your head while grabbing attention-seeking cat off the coffee table.
  • Present ravioli to impatient, hungry toddler — yeah!  finally! — only to have her shake her head, “No,” and wail with inexplicable frustration.
  • Roll your eyes and wait.
  • Watch as toddler, struck with a brilliant idea, grabs handful of Cheerios and sprinkles them in ravioli dish — then enthusiastically digs into the cereal-covered pasta with plastic fork.
  • Voilà!  Ravioli + Cheerios = Ravioli-os.  Also known as “Our Meal Ticket (pun intended) to Top Chef.

Serves 1-2 crazy toddlers, or any ardent follower of Rachael Ray’s culinary tastes.

Agony on a Plate: The Marshmallow Test 2.0

Who knew staring at a marshmallow could be so darn entertaining?

Oh, The Temptation from Steve V on Vimeo.

In this reprise of a well-known Stanford psychological experiment from the 1960s, kids are put in a room with a marshmallow and told they can either eat it immediately OR… if they are willing to wait while the researcher steps out for a few minutes, they can have an additional marshmallow when she returns.

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