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You Might Be a Grandmother If…

“I know your mom said not to give you a pacifier, but don’t worry — I have a secret stash!”

  • You suddenly consider bedtimes arbitrary and discretional.
  • You cannot walk through a store without checking out the children’s department for deals on stuff you would never have bought your own kids.
  • You are struck with memories of your own child’s early life you thought you’d long forgotten.
  • You find yourself defending your own parenting practices by saying things like, “Well, we did that back when YOU were a kid and you turned out just fine!”
  • You have a new mantra:  “What happens at Grandma’s, STAYS at Grandma’s.”
  • You laugh to yourself when the grandchildren misbehave because you’re pleased your kids are finally getting a taste of their own medicine.
  • Your antacid drawer also contains Dora Band-Aids.
  • You sit in awe and amazement (and, frankly, bewilderment) as your three-year-old grandchild shows you how to use an iPad.
  • You always have a treat on-hand for bribing and spoiling purposes.

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