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Craig Ferguson Welcomes a Baby Boy (aka New Captive Audience for His Puppet Show)

They say 255 babies are born every minute.  254 of which are apparently born in Hollywood…

Yup, another day, another celebrity having a baby:  The funniest guy in late night (well, okay, if you don’t count cable), Craig Ferguson, 48, and his, er, slightly younger wife Megan welcomed a boy, Liam James, on Monday.

“Everyone is happy and healthy,” says Craig’s rep. “The family is doing great, everybody’s perfect.”

Craig is also dad to Milo Hamish, 9, his son from his second marriage.

I see from this picture that Craig’s already perfected the happy-yet-frightened-out-of-his-gourd “New Dad in Headlights” look.

Congrats to the happy family!