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What is This Cake Celebrating?

1.  Mickey’s new theme song:  It’s the Mickey Mouse Gentlemen’s Club(house)

2.  How a mother nursing her child is as comforting as Mickey’s warm embrace.  (Precious, I know.)

3.  The death of our childhood innocence.

4.  A beheaded stripper and Mickey Mouse sitting in a pool of blood can only mean one thing:  They’re launching CSI:  Disney World.

5.  None of the above.  The crazy cake is celebrating _____________.

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Teacher Helps Kids Expand Vocabulary with F-Bombs

Subtracting fractions isn’t the only thing making sixth graders swear these days: a British teacher recently devoted an entire class to teaching curse words to eleven-year-olds, much to their surprise.

That’s just wrong!

Kids should learn swear words the old-fashioned way: at home, from their parents.

The parents, whose children attend St. Laurence School in Bradford on Avon in southwest England, said they were given no advance warning of the lesson plan — and no doubt had a few choice words for the teacher, themselves.

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