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Storktionary Phrase of the Day: Little Brother Syndrome

Little Brother Syndrome (n.)

1.  A condition seen only in younger males; marked by the presence of an older sister who insists on putting colorful barrettes in their hair and sparkly nail polish on their toenails.  In more extreme cases, a tutu, princess dress and/or tiara may be involved.

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With thanks to this young man’s mom and friend of The Laughing Stork, Julie, who notes: “By the end of it, he was asking for different colors to be put in his hair. I am so amazed that he goes along with this stuff sometimes. I’m sure it won’t last!”

Word of the Day: Spill-proof

Spill-proof (adj.)

1. A misnomer created by marketers that have never been within a 20-foot radius of a toddler;

2.  A term that should not be confused with “squeeze-proof”;

3.  A product guarantee immediately viewed as a challenge by, er, precocious children;

4.  The reason I had to change my clothes and my daughter’s clothes, as well as stuff the entire stroller in the washing machine this morning.

Sentence usage:

“Look at how drenched your child is! You must have given her a spill-proof smoothie.”

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Word of the Day: Cannibaby

Cannibaby (n.)

1.  My ten-month-old daughter who prefers solid foods of the flesh variety*, sinking her six teeth into my neck, cheek and shoulder every chance she gets — and laughing when I yelp, “No!  Eating mommy is not allowed!”

2.  The reason I am shopping for turtlenecks in June.

[from Spanish Canibales, meaning pint-sized vampire]

*The author is most thankful this has not extended to nursing habits

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