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The Laughing Stork Sports Edition: World’s Strongest Vagina Breaks Own Record

You were probably just sitting around wondering about the latest in vaginal sports — well, wonder no more!

A Russian woman, who undoubtedly is quite popular with the men, has set a new world record, lifting a 31-lb. glass ball with her Olympian Vagina.  Tatiata Kozhevnikova, 42, has been exercising her vaginal muscles for fifteen years, and has already made the Guinness Book of Records as the proud owner of the world’s strongest vagina.

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A Farewell to Breasts

If the time has arrived (six years too late) to wean your child from breastfeeding, be sure to honor the occasion with a Boobday Cake!

When you care enough to bake the very breast.

When you care enough to bake the very breast.

Because nothing will make your child want to say “ta ta, ta-tas!” faster than seeing her mother hack into a pair of breasts with a cutting knife.

Coincidentally, this cake is also very popular at bachelor parties.