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End-of-Week News Deliveries: Spanking; Tweeting; and Baby Making

Would you give a school the green light to spank your child?  Personally, I think having to go to Phys Ed class is torture enough.  [lilSugar]

McSteamy and his wife make more than boring sex tapes — they may have also made a baby.  [Baby Scoop]

Wife of Twitter CEO tweets while in labor, as do many other women.  Why, that’s just crazy!  I would NEVER — um, oops!  Never mind.  [CNN]

Your daily dose of “awwwww”:  Gorillas!  [popbytes]

A superintendent’s “top 10 back-to-school tips” to help ease the transition.  A little Jack Daniels in the juice box always helps.  [Press Democrat]

How to make the most of bed rest during pregnancy.  Shockingly, watching the Kardashian reality shows does not make the list.  [U.S. News & World Report]