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End-of-Week News: Jealous Mothers; The Dangers of Baby Slings; Worst Decorating Trends of All Time

Helpful fathers who are “too savvy” at raising the children may hurt women’s self-esteem.  So, dads, if you could just let the kids play with knives every once in a while, our egos would really appreciate it.  Thank you.  [MSNBC]

Bjorns and Ergos and Mobys… oh my!  More parents are wearing their babies instead of using strollers.  [NYT]  Hopefully, they’re aware that…

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End-of-Week News: Depression in Pregnancy Risks; Jon Gosselin’s Change of “Heart”; Super Sperm

Alternate uses for medical swag in new moms’ postpartum hospital bags.  Also, thanks to this story, I now know it’s called a “peri bottle” — not a “vaginal hose,” apparently.  Huh.  Who knew?  [lilSugar]

Jon Gosselin to allow TLC to film kids again in exchange for dropped lawsuit.  Way to stand your moral high ground, Jon!  [NY Daily News]

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End-of-Week News Deliveries: Breast Milk May Be No Better Than Formula; Brangelina on the Town; Equality in Parenting

Discussing mothers who breastfeed for “selfish reasons,” such as weight loss.  Hey, nothing wrong with using the little one to help us get back in our skinny jeans — given they’re the reason WE BUSTED OUT OF THEM in the first place.  [lilSugar]

Tori Spelling chats about new book, her uncanny ability to work “Tori” into all of her book titles.  [Baby Scoop]

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