End-of-Week News: ‘Sh*t My Dad Says’ Incites; Sleeping Babies Learn; Diaper Cakes Confound

Parents Council protests CBS’ “Sh*t My Dad Says” for using the bleeped swear word. Well, isn’t that a bunch of sh*t. [EW] Speaking of


End-of-Week News: Most Popular Baby Names; A Most Angry Russell Crowe; Most Idiotic Truancy Law

California may jail parents if kids are frequently truant.  This, after just announcing the state was going to release MURDERERS because there’s not enough room...


End-of-Week News: Chocolate-Flavored Toddler Formula; Baby Swimming; Age-Defying Beauty Tricks

New chocolate- and vanilla-flavored toddler formula criticized for promoting childhood obesity.  Also very wrong:  that I would like to try a sample of it.  [LA...


The Tuesday Mom and Pop Culture Report

Your daily(ish) at-a-glance roundup of pop culture news. Because mamas need to know how Oprah likes to party, too!  (Drink of choice:  Tequila shots)


End-of-Week News: Yet More Crib Recalls; Tots Take Over ‘The Hills’; Mom to Blame for Morning Sickness

These kids acting out The Hills are way more believable than the “reality” stars. [Babelgum] Hundreds of thousands of Simplicity and Graco cribs were...


End-of-Week News: Perverted Toys; Crying-It-Out Drawbacks; Advanced Maternal Age

A list of “unintentionally perverted toys for children.”  Which reminds me:  Add Harry Potter vibrating broomstick to Mother’s Day gift wish list....


News Roundup: Parents on Facebook; Toddlers on Nicotine; Jennifer Lopez on Motherhood

How parents and their kids co-exist uneasily on Facebook.  Yeah, it could be really horrifying to see drunken pictures… on your MOM’s wall. [Parent Dish] A...


End-of-Week News: Bristol Palin PSA; Maternity Style Tips; U.S. Parents Deemed Bad Sports

American parents are world’s worst-behaved at kids’ sporting events, poll finds.  Well, SCREW THAT F*CKING POLL!  (Yeah, I’m going to be one of those...


End-of-Week News: Overweight Babies’ Health Risks; Breastfeeding’s New Health Benefit; Parents’ Movie Guide

Health insurance companies will comply with new rules on children, they said, pouting.  [NYT] Overweight babies may have delayed motor skills.  Awwww.  So no more...


End-of-Week News: The ‘Favorite Child’; March Madness Vasectomies; Beyoncé Pregnancy Report

March Madness is a good time for beer sales, vasectomies.  [ABC News] There is a favorite child in every family, claims clinical psychologist.  Yeah, tell me something...