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End-of-Week News Deliveries: Spanking; Tweeting; and Baby Making

Would you give a school the green light to spank your child?  Personally, I think having to go to Phys Ed class is torture enough.  [lilSugar]

McSteamy and his wife make more than boring sex tapes — they may have also made a baby.  [Baby Scoop]

Wife of Twitter CEO tweets while in labor, as do many other women.  Why, that’s just crazy!  I would NEVER — um, oops!  Never mind.  [CNN]

Your daily dose of “awwwww”:  Gorillas!  [popbytes]

A superintendent’s “top 10 back-to-school tips” to help ease the transition.  A little Jack Daniels in the juice box always helps.  [Press Democrat]

How to make the most of bed rest during pregnancy.  Shockingly, watching the Kardashian reality shows does not make the list.  [U.S. News & World Report]

End-of-Week News Deliveries: Inappropriate Baby Names; Miley for Walmart; Taking the (GASP!) Wife’s Last Name

When certain baby names are deemed inappropriate for your child.  Like when I said “hell no!” to Mr. Candy’s desire to name our girl Emily —  who just happened to be my hubby’s first crush. [lilSugar]

Katie and Suri on set of Katie’s new movie, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.   I’m more afraid of the fact that, after Mad Money, Katie’s still allowed to make movies.  [Baby Scoop]

A husband discusses decision to take his wife’s last name.   Complete with open-minded comments asking the author how he’ll feel when his wife leaves him for a “man who actually has a pair.”  [Globe & Mail]

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End-of-Week News Deliveries: Orgasms, Ditzes and Delivery Methods

How method of delivery could affect your sex life.  Although many with newborns would ask, “What sex life?” [lilSugar]

Madonna, Mercy and the gang go sightseeing Paris… with a few dozen of their closest paparazzi friends.  [Baby Scoop]

A father makes sculptures from his kids’ unwanted toys.   No word on what they plan to do with the kids’ unwanted sculptures.  [Telegraph]

A discussion of how female celebs “play dumb” as part of their brand image.  Like, totally!  [Zelda Lily]

Inside the “shattered world” of Michael Jackson’s kids.  Wait — did something happen with Michael Jackson?  [popbytes]

The orgasm:  “Is it really all that?”  Um, if you have to ask that, then I have to ask… “The orgasm:  Have you ever actually HAD one?”  [FOXNews]

End-of-Week News Deliveries: iPhone Goodies; Dehydrated Gosselin Tot; Beckham’s Golden Balls

10 reasons why “wannabe moms” worry.  Heck, when are us women ever NOT worrying?  I worry there is no good answer to that… [lilSugar]

New “Baby Brain” iPhone app helps frazzled moms and dads get organized.  Now if only you could remember where you placed your iPhone…  [Baby Scoop]

Kate Gosselin tells daughter, “No water for yooo-ooouuu!”  [CelebWarship]

“I Can Spell Simple Words” language-building tool, for ages 4-7 and Jessica Simpson.  [TotSnob]

DILF David Beckham unveils new Armani underwear ad.   You’re welcome. [popbytes]

Teri Hatcher tries to have nice moment with daughter on the red carpet, only to have photographer distracted by the fact that “they’re real — and they’re spectacular!”  [Ayyyy!]

End-of-Week News Deliveries: Drunk Baby Mamas; Bags-Turned-Breakfast Foods; Writing Nazis

Study reveals 1 in 8 women drink alcohol while pregnant.  Which explains why so many babies request a shot of Kahlua in their milk.  [UPI]

Tila Tequila announces on Twitter that she’s pregnant.  Methinks she’s hoping to give birth to some relevancy.  [CelebWarship]

Marni’s new slouchy “croissant” bag – not clear whether you should wear it or butter it.  [Bag Snob]

Babysitter arrested for leaving a one-year-old in the car while she played video games in gas station — wait, gas stations still have video games?  [AP]

Best baby shower gifts:  toys for babies.”  Also, the Gift of Benjamin Franklin is always popular with Baby Mamas.  Just a classy tip from me to you.  [Examiner]

A mom relates her experience with the Writing Nazi.  [Teeny Manolo]

Small children not so expensive, after all, when you consider you no longer eat out, drink or go to the movies.  Um… yay?  [San Francisco Chronicle]

End-of-Week News Deliveries: Louis Vuitton Eyesore; Parenting Tools; ManBabies

Introducing the new Louis Vuitton denim bag.  Now available at a 1970s arts and crafts fair.  [Bag Snob]

The world’s most fashionable eight-year-old tells us what to wear.  You had me at “seersucker,” young man.  [Teeny Manolo]

Katie Price and Peter Andre split.  No word on who will get custody of their kids, tanning products.  [CelebWarship]

Toys and parenting tools that get The National Parenting Center’s “Seal of Approval.”  I’m guessing the “wooden paddle hair brush spanking discipline” tool didn’t make the cut. [Telegram]

Jon & Kate Plus 8‘s Kate Gosselin got lipo, brags that everyone wants her haircut.  At least she’s focusing on the things that matter in the midst of her marriage crisis.  [Us Weekly]

A site for Photoshop-savvy dads with too much time on their hands and Bud Light in their bellies. [ManBabies.com]