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News Roundup: The Stylish Placenta Brooch; The New Gender-less Baby Trend; The Hot C-section Debate

Yet another classic Father’s Day gift idea:  the handmade felt placenta brooch.  [Etsy]

And January Jones’ rumored baby daddy is… (soap operas may be getting canceled right and left, but the real-life ones go on!)  [The Celebrity Stork]

More people keeping their baby’s gender a secret… even after s/he is born.  In related news, the name “Pat” rises in popularity.  [Time]

David Schwimmer‘s new baby girl is understandably confused.  [The Celebrity Stork]

Conjoined four-year-old twins share a brain.  So when they say they share everything, they are not exaggerating.  [NYT]

If the kids are driving you crazy this weekend, get a reprieve by shoving free ice cream cones in their mouths.  Er, I mean… enjoy a lovely family outing at Walmart’s ice cream social this Saturday!  [The Shopping Stork]

Woman defends her choice to deliver by C-section, commenters respond in usual supportive show of female solidarity.  *Ahem*  [Babble]

Nestle launches baby milk equivalent of Nespresso.  Only a matter of time ’til it’s served at Starbucks.  [Reuters]

News Roundup: Man Takes “Acting Like a Baby” to the Extreme & Botox Mom Not Abusive, Just a Liar (Phew!)

“A California man finds relaxation in role-playing as an infant.”  Oy.  Next time I tell a sick Mr. Candy he’s acting like a baby, I guess I should be thankful I don’t have to change his diaper.  [NatGeo]

Carla Bruni, wife of French President Nicholas Sarkozy, pregnant with second child at age 43.  Félicitations! (See, Mom?  All those years of French DIDN’T go to waste, after all.) [ABC News]

This little girl’s new pet looks very cuddly… when it’s not ferociously tearing into an antelope, that is.  [Tots & Giggles]

Botox Mom claims she made up her story for cash, at the urging of British tabloid The Sun.  Wait — you mean tabloids make up stories?!  [E! Online]

“What would you do if you saw a waitress refusing to serve gay parents?”  Well, I guess I would have to order a can of whoop-ass… and then open it on the waitress.  [ABC News]

Marriage advice for new parents.  I’m sure new moms and dads would really benefit from the tips… if only they could stay awake long enough to read them.  [Babble]

News Roundup: Botox for Tots (Botots!) & Post-Breastfeeding Weight Gain for Kourtney Kardashian

An important photographic reminder to choose your babysitter carefully.  [Tots & Giggles]

Kourtney Kardashian — GASP! — gains weight post-breastfeeding.  Which will lead to her gaining more money from QuickTrim, no doubt. [The Celebrity Stork]

Mother defends giving 8-year-old daughter Botox “to succeed in beauty pageants.”  In the mom’s defense, the girl did look like she was almost pushing 9.  *Shudder*  [ABC News]

Dive into summer with 50% off all children’s swimwear at OshKosh (plus 25% off coupon code).  [The Shopping Stork]

“I want my mommy!”  Parenting toddlers when they prefer one parent.  The only healthy way to handle that, really, is to pout, “FINE.  I don’t want you EITHER!”  [Babble]

Moms who have twins may live longer, study shows.  PLUS they get to dress their kids in sickeningly cute matching outfits.  Jealous!  [U.S. News]