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News Roundup: Freshen Up Your Look with Fallopian Tube Jewelry & Get My “Best Blogging Tip”

Fertile fashion ground: sperm pendants

Sperm and fallopian tube jewelry.  I believe it was Coco Chanel who said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and add one reproductive accessory.”  Or something like that.  [Style Crunch]

I share my “best blogging tip” for new mom bloggers.  In other words, do as I say, not as I do.  [Babble]

Father of the Week So Far: John Edwards reportedly proposed to his baby mama, and introduced her and his love-child to his other kids shortly after Elizabeth passed away.  Talk about taking “old acquaintance be forgot” a little too far.  [NY Post]

Parenting humiliation: accidentally using kid talk with adults.  Oopsie!  [The Poop]

A site dedicated to photos of “Cats Watching You Have Sex.”  Which our cats have, um, NEVER done.  *Ahem*  [CWYHS]

Check out this dog who knows 1,000 words, more than most toddlers and the Kardashian sisters (collectively).  [Seattle PI]

Weekly Link Roundup: Grandma is So Busted

This Christmas, give the gift of honesty:  While helping her dad clean out her grandmother’s old apartment, Amanda says she found the above “love note” tucked in a bottom drawer. “All my dad could say was, ‘Well, romance wasn’t always your grandfather’s strong suit.’” [Passive-Aggressive Notes]

Videos of kids going NUTS over Christmas gifts — which parents post on the Web for people to poke fun at.   I approve!  [Babble]

Mariah Carey is eating for three.  [People]

A tale as old as time:  Man sues publisher for traumatizing his daughter after she finds his “unsolicited” gay porn mail in the trash.  [KnoxNews]

This Cat vs. Internet comic strip pretty much sums up my daily life.  [The Oatmeal]

Mom sues McDonald’s, claiming the marketing of Happy Meal toys has interfered with her ability as a parent to provide her two children with a healthful diet.  Yeah, either that, or her inability to say “NO!” [WaPo]

Weekly News Roundup: Nutmeg is the New Crack

A child’s fear of Santa:  Now in stereo!

Ah, kids today.  The latest: Nutmeg.  [Gather]

How much attachment parenting is necessary?  Well, when your 34-year-old son is still sleeping in your bed at night, it may be time to cut the strings.  [Babble]

TV shows Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant inspire teens to try to get pregnant and become famous.  Sounds like a solid plan to me!  [Gather]

Why certain behaviors could be in your baby’s genes.  Uh-oh.  Let’s hope my habit of wearing mismatched socks is a recessive gene.  [CBS News]

Celine Dion got her fraternal twins confused.   Oops.  Nothing a cattle brand can’t fix. [Toronto Sun]

Weekly News Roundup: Scary Santa; Movie-Perfect Angelina; and “Sexy” Teva Stilettos

It’s that time of the year again… to post pictures of screaming kids on Santa’s lap.  Because they never get old.  (Unless you’re the parent.)

Angelina Jolie and son Knox marvel at the snowfall in Paris.  *Sigh*  Even their REAL life sounds like the beginning of a movie.  [Celeb Baby Scoop]

Moms are now donating their breast milk on Facebook.  So instead of clicking “poke,” I guess these Facebookers are clicking “pump.”  [Today]

Breaking health news:  The whore gene can be passed on to your kids.  [LiveScience]

Cavemen were better parents, claims parenting expert.  Probably because they didn’t waste time on silly things like hygiene.  [ParentDish]

Just what every hot mama needs:  four-inch Teva stiletto heels!  I dunno.  I’m still waiting for Birkenstock kitten heels.  Rawr.  [Consumerist]

Helping kids stay connected with parents who are overseas by using a cardboard substitute.  Best of all:  it doesn’t leave the toilet seat up!  [MNN]

End-of-Week News Roundup: Classy Baby Shower of the Week and Thanksgiving Leftover Facials

This picture sums up our holiday:  Marcy slips into a post-Thanksgiving feast coma

Three arrested for disorderly conduct in baby shower brawl.  Party was decorated with pink, black and blue.  [LVL]

It’s a boy for John Travolta and Kelly Preston.  To get the baby to sleep, they simply play him Battlefield Earth.  Works like a charm every time!  [AP]

Using Thanksgiving leftovers as a skincare treatment.  Because nothing gives you a glow — or attracts a pack of wild dogs — quite like turkey leg grease.  [AOL]

How your baby monitor could be providing criminals with a window into YOUR home.  More at eleven.  [NBC NY]

Kourtney Kardashian‘s 11-month-old son breaks into hives after consuming peanut butter.  Coincidentally, I have the same reaction to watching her show.  [The Stir]

Weekly News Roundup: How to Spy on Your Child’s Computer Habits and Other Things Your Kids Will Love!

“Crap,” the pregnant lady thinks.  “You mean even after I give birth, I’ll STILL be wearing this maternity nightgown?”  [AFP]

My favorite headline of the week: “Kate Gosselin Makes Kids Eat Week-Old Sandwiches!”  Let’s hope they’re not tuna.  [Us Weekly]

Introducing the porn stick.  Stick it in your kid’s computer to see what s/he has been up to.  Such as surfing Playboy.  Or worse — downloading Jonas Brother songs. [ksl]

Because of the trend of posting newborn pictures on social networking sites, women in labor are more worried about their hair than the delivery.  I see a new business opportunity:  discounted blow-out with every epidural!  [ABC News]

Rachel Zoe is indeed pregnant.   You just know that baby is coming home in a fur vest, huge sunglasses, bangles and a floppy hat.   Regardless of gender.  [Yahoo!]

The topic at-hand:  Changing diapers at the dinner table.  YUM!  More baked beans, anyone?  [Babble]

Weekly News Roundup: Nothing Says “Proud Papa” Like a Velvet Cloak and The Duggars Continue to Multiply

Awesome chest hair-heavy family photo:  Black velvet, if you please… [AFP]

The eldest Duggar son Josh and his wife Anna are already expecting their second child, say they’re going for 25 kids.  That’s it?  Slackers.  [OK!]

I’m such a sucker for this sh*t:  Cat nurses orphaned puppy.  Awwww.  [wkyc.com]

Pregnant Miranda Kerr bares most everything for W magazine.  And by “most everything,” I mean do NOT open this if your boss is lurking.  Or if your baby is hungry.  [Backseat Cuddler]

Police say a new father faces drug charges because he lit up a marijuana joint, instead of a cigar, to celebrate his child’s birth at a Pittsburgh-area hospital.  No word on whether the baby was named Doobie Stoner, Jr.  [Dickinson Press]

The hottest holiday toys.  Also known as:  The reason parents will have knockdown, drag-out fights with each other in the shopping aisles in a few weeks.  [CBS News]

News Roundup: Bert Takes One Step Out of the Closet; What to Expect Takes One Step Toward Big Screen

What To Expect When You’re Expecting to be adapted into a romantic comedy.  Um, what?  When I read the book, seemed more like horror film material.  [EW]

Acne cream and denture adhesives get tax breaks, but breast pumps do NOT, determines the IRS.  In related news, IRS obviously run by men.  [NY Times]

Celine Dion names twins Eddy and Nelson, is allowed to bring them home.  Somewhere, Celine’s French-Canadian mom is going, “You called them WHAT?!”  [Ace ShowBiz]

Sesame Street’s Bert suggests he may be gay.  I’ll believe it when he finally trims that unibrow. [SkyNews]

Are soda cans killing YOUR sperm?  More at eleven.  [Washington Post]

When parents — and siblings — don’t share the same last name.  An issue that I have because I didn’t take my husband’s last name.  Not that it matters, given people just call me by my NEW name, “Skylar’s Mom,” anyway. [MotherLode]

A Family’s Runny Mashed Potatoes Emergency and Other Breaking News

Behold the world’s most expensive crib, costing $19,995.  Best of all, that price tag…?  DOESN’T INCLUDE ASSEMBLY.  [Posh Tots]

Illinois boy calls 911 over dad’s lousy dinner.  “Hi, 911…?  Yeah, so, my macaroni needs more butter.”  [ksdk.com]

Mother of the Day So Far:  Woman put daughter on 700-calorie diet at age two.  [Daily Mail]

New study finds that women’s brains may actually get bigger during new motherhood.  And that space is filled with important things, like Barney tunes and poop schedules!  [Time]

Should parents who skip school conferences face jail time?  No, WORSE — they should have to go back to school.  [ABC News]

Mom donates 26 GALLONS of breast milk.  Wow.  There was a whole lotta pumpin’ going on in that house.  Just not the kind her husband had hoped for.  [Babble]

Surefire Way to Get Blacklisted from Birth Announcement Mailing and Other Helpful News

  • Sesame Street song encourages black girls to embrace their hair. Heck, I think almost ALL girls could benefit from that message (says the girl who started frying and dying her hair as a teenager).
  • Rachel Zoe‘s brother-in-law confirms her pregnancy to tabloid, ensuring that he will not be on the birth announcement mailing list.  [InTouch]
  • Woman claims she was allergic to being pregnant because she was sick and miserable the entire time.  I don’t call that an allergy — I call that PREGNANCY.  [DailyMail]
  • A boon to working moms: After reviewing 69 studies, researchers say kids whose mothers return to work before the child turns 3 are no more likely to have academic or behavioral problems compared with kids whose mothers stayed at home.  Also, after reviewing 69 studies, researchers say they could REALLY use a drink.  [LA Times]
  • Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats have a baby boy named — wait for it… wait for it… — Egypt Dean.  Bummer.  My money was on Drum Beats. [PFM]
  • Christina Aguilera focusing on being “a great mom” to Max in wake of filing for divorce.   Also, on making sure she retains custody of her clown makeup collection. [People]
  • And the “star” of this week’s children’s product recall is:  Evenflo car seats!  [Parenting]