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News Roundup: Gwyneth Paltrow Takes Stance on Breast Lifts; Dogs Thefts on Rise; Bragging About Your Kids

"I'll grab the keys and the address for Legoland. You work the navigation system. They'll never know!"

Skye and Drew chat about their plans for this weekend.

This is what I looked like pretty much every weekend morning in college.  [Tots & Giggles]

Gwyneth Paltrow takes a bold stance, declares she is pro-boob lift.  [The Celebrity Stork]

Cartoons on food boxes create nagging children.  I always knew that Tony the Tiger was bad news.  [USA Today]

Well, this is one way to keep your husband and kids off your computer:  Introducing the tampon flash drive.  [Cool Mom Tech]

The fine line between discussing and bragging about your kids.  I would give my two cents’ worth on this matter, but I’m too busy admiring what beautiful, sensitive geniuses my kids are.  [Motherlode]

Dog thefts on the rise across the nation.  A number of cats are being questioned.  [ABC News]

News Roundup: Bert and Ernie Discuss Marriage; Baby-Selling Ring Busted; Young Model Stirs Controversy

Moms get no respect, I tell ya.  We also get no showers, due to time constraints, thus why we smell like we live in a zoo.  [Cake Wrecks]

Sesame Workshop issues a statement in response to Bert and Ernie marriage petitions.  Uh, given how long they’ve lived together, aren’t they already bound by common-law marriage?  [Facebook]

Solidly C-list celebrities to star in new reality series, Hollywood Moms Club.  [The Celebrity Stork]

“Hmmm… my pillow sure does smell like kibble,” thinks this sleeping baby. [Tots & Giggles]

Baby-selling ring busted.  Lifetime Movie of the Week starring Jennifer Love Hewitt sure to follow.  [ABC News]

French Vogue stirs up controversy with a 10-year-old model posing sultrily, showing leg and wearing makeup, stilettos and haute couture.   So inappropriate!  Models don’t usually engage in such adult behavior… until they’re 12.  [The Berry]

News Roundup: USA Vies for Breastfeeding Record; Toddler Swallows Pen; Woman Eats Hubby’s Ashes

Moms across the country are getting together to try to break the world record for the most women breastfeeding at one time.  U-S-A!  U-S-A!  U-S-A!  [Chicago Sun-Times]

Mom Charged With Using Gun To Steal Teen’s Bike.”  I’m sure she had her reasons.  [CBS Boston]

App turns your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a baby monitor.  I’m still waiting for the app that transforms my iPhone into a margarita-making machine and babysitter.  [Consumer Reports]

Pacifier weaning tactics.  I see a big career ahead for the Binky Fairy!  [Babble]

Toddler recovers after swallowing ballpoint pen, shows promise for careers as circus sword swallower and/or esophagus graffiti artist.  [CBC.ca]

On this Sunday’s My Strange Addiction:  Woman can’t stop eating her dead husband’s ashes.  I think she misheard his last words:  “A time will come again when you will MEET me.”  [TV Guide]