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Get the Celebrity Mom Look: Victoria Beckham

Okay, so when you think of “mom-friendly style,” and “comfortable” and “wearable,” Victoria Beckham isn’t exactly the first celebrity to come to mind.  But I gotta tell you, I came across this picture of Vicky (yes, we’re on a nickname basis — I call her “Vicky” and she calls me “Who?”) last year and replicated the look because I’m a creepy celebrity style stalker.  The ensemble is not only mom-friendly (I’ve worn it to MANY kids’ parties…many, many, many), but it’s also classic; it’s still totally on-trend. And, best of all, you don’t need to be a size zero to rock it.

Here’s what you need:

Silk-and-cotton-blend cargo pants.  (Da Nang.  Orginally $99.  Now just $19.90 on Amazon!)


Simple heather grey tee that’s probably already in your closet.  But if not, here’s one on Amazon for just $13.99.


Black boyfriend blazer that will become your go-to jacket for fall.  (Amazon; $27, I kid you not)


Okay, so Vicky’s four-inch heels aren’t great for chasing after your kid after he dumps orange juice on the cat’s head (I say, um, hypothetically).  However, wedges are a cute and more kid-chasing friendly option.  Check out the above pair from Franco Sarto for $88.95.


Bring out your inner Top Gun (and, for me, hide under-eye circles) with these bad-ass aviators.  Marc by Marc Jacobs on sale for $59.48 (originally $85).


If you add that up…it’s barely $200 for the entire outfit!  Which is just slightly less than Vicky paid.  Just slightly.


Important editor’s note:  Hot husband supporting you at your Fashion Week show not included.

The Celebrity Stork Roundup: David and Harper Beckham Offer Daily Dose of Cuteness and Sugar Bear Makes June an Honest Woman


Two-year-old Harper and her mom visit David Beckham in Paris to help him celebrate his 38th birthday.

Coincidentally, a squeeze and kiss from David Beckham is on MY birthday wish list.

Rachel Zoe and husband Rodger Berman offer son Skyler a makeshift swing while leaving lunch in L.A.

Probably for the best he doesn’t scuff his $500 toddler boots, anyway.

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Deep Thoughts: Guess What Harper Beckham is Thinking

Harper Beckham is thinking what as she leaves a birthday party in Los Angeles?

1.  That kid in front of us is totally photo-bombing this picture.

2.  Hope Mom and Dad are ready for a long night because the clown from that party is going to haunt my dreams.  HOW DID HE PULL A FLOWER FROM MY NOSE?!  Sick.

3.  Flats?  I’m one whole year!  Doesn’t Mom know that Suri was rocking sky-high Louboutins by the time she was SIX MONTHS OLD?

4.  Mom’s not the ONLY one who can pout for the cameras.

5.  None of the above.  Harper is thinking _________________.

The Family Dish: Giuliana Rancic is Having a Baby & Drew Barrymore Attends Wedding-Slash-Baby Shower

STORK ALERT:  Giuliana and Bill Rancic announce they’re having a baby (via gestational carrier)
And as one of the viewers who has followed their journey on TV, I may or may not have teared up upon reading this news.  At which point, the cats rolled their eyes: “Here she goes again.”

TWO-FOR-ONE PARTYDrew Barrymore and Will Kopelman have a wedding-slash-baby shower
Registry items included ducky dishware instead of china and baby bottles instead of wine bottles.

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Because I Can’t Help It: The Obligatory-Yet-Entertaining Celebrity Baby Bump Slide Show

I always roll my eyes when I read the tabloid headlines declaring, “So-and-So Shows Off Her Baby Bump!” — then immediately click on the story to check out said bump. There is just something oddly fascinating about watching women’s bellies grow as this alien life form takes over their bodies (with that kind of romantic outlook, I should write baby shower cards for Hallmark, don’t you think?), as evidenced by the way people stare whenever I waddle into a Starbucks.  You know, back in the day when I could actually venture outside.  And when we’re talking about celebrities’ growing bellies…?  We cannot get enough!  At least I can’t.  Which is why I present to you…

THE OBLIGATORY-YET-ENTERTAINING CELEBRITY BABY BUMP SLIDE SHOW!  (Try saying that five times fast.)  Captions are underneath.


Finally, Someone to Inherit Victoria Beckham’s Wardrobe

And, given her mom’s size, she’ll pretty much be able to wear it straight out of the womb!

Yes, David and Victoria Beckham are expecting a baby girl this July.  The soccer star, 35, announced the news Friday afternoon at an L.A. Galaxy fan luncheon.

“Obviously, we’re very lucky to be expecting again, and this is the first time I’m going to say it: It’s a little girl,” Becks shared with Galaxy fans.

“We’re still in shock. Obviously, having three boys, you kind of expect another one, so finding out a little girl is in there is surprising, but, obviously, we are over the moon,” he added. “Our three boys are happy and excited, and Victoria is doing well.”

I know what you’re thinking right now, and I don’t blame you… I was surprised to hear the L.A. Galaxy has fans, too.