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Get the Celebrity Mom Look: Victoria Beckham

Okay, so when you think of “mom-friendly style,” and “comfortable” and “wearable,” Victoria Beckham isn’t exactly the first...


The Celebrity Stork Roundup: David and Harper Beckham Offer Daily Dose of Cuteness and Sugar Bear Makes June an Honest Woman

Two-year-old Harper and her mom visit David Beckham in Paris to help him celebrate his 38th birthday. Coincidentally, a squeeze and kiss from David Beckham is on MY...


Deep Thoughts: Guess What Harper Beckham is Thinking

Harper Beckham is thinking what as she leaves a birthday party in Los Angeles? 1.  That kid in front of us is totally photo-bombing this picture. 2.  Hope Mom and Dad...


The Family Dish: Giuliana Rancic is Having a Baby & Drew Barrymore Attends Wedding-Slash-Baby Shower

STORK ALERT:  Giuliana and Bill Rancic announce they’re having a baby (via gestational carrier) And as one of the viewers who has followed their journey on TV, I...


Victoria Beckham’s New Style: Charmin Chic

Toilet paper dresses constructed at Posh’s baby shower, as Tweeted by Ms. Posh herself: “As much as I love being wrapped in Costco toilet paper,”...


Royal Baller Alert: David and Victoria Beckham Hit the Royal Wedding

“Uh-oh.  Hope they don’t mind terribly that we brought this uninvited guest.”

Hmmmm... Well, maybe maternity crocs aren't the worst thing in the world, after all.

Because I Can’t Help It: The Obligatory-Yet-Entertaining Celebrity Baby Bump Slide Show

I always roll my eyes when I read the tabloid headlines declaring, “So-and-So Shows Off Her Baby Bump!” — then immediately click on the story to check...


Finally, Someone to Inherit Victoria Beckham’s Wardrobe

And, given her mom’s size, she’ll pretty much be able to wear it straight out of the womb! Yes, David and Victoria Beckham are expecting a baby girl this...


Victoria, Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham Step Out

From the looks of Posh’s outfit, I’m guessing they just came from Chuck E. Cheese’s…?