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Happy Vasectomy Day!

If men are known for one thing, it’s their high pain tolerance.  No!  I kid!  As I was bowled over in pain yesterday from MY PELVIS SOFTENING AND SPREADING SO A BOWLING BALL-SIZED HUMAN CAN POP OUT OF THERE, Mr. Candy emerged from the bathroom, dramatically clutching his hand.

“I cut my finger on the toothbrush!  Quick — get me a Band-Aid!” he cried.

You don’t even want to know how this occurred.  Or how long he pouted.  But suffice it to say his face looked something like this (sans kick-ass sombrero):

Yes, yes, that is indeed a cake celebrating the Big Snip!  How awesome is that?  Chock full of Vicodin, with a side of chopped nuts.  Not sure to where Ted’s running in that get-up, though — perhaps to Mexico for “extra-strength” pain meds?