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Happy Back-to-School Season!

In her defense, perhaps she was just attempting to demonstrate her lesson plan explaining the effects of gravity (and Two-Buck Chuck). Source

Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up

“I thought being weened off the boobie would be awful, but this stuff is de-lish!”


These Second Grade Teachers Are Setting Us Up, Man

The smile, the flushed face, the rays of sunshine surrounding her and the hearts to communicate Mom’s love of alcohol — yeah, I’d say the kid has...

Totally Sober Celebrity Mom of the Day: Jennifer Lopez

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since becoming a mom, it’s that your tolerance goes WAY down after having kids.  This picture was probably taken...


New Trend in Dining Out: Liquored Up Babies

Just days after a 15-month-old boy in Detroit got tanked on tequila at an Applebee’s– where he was served a freakin’ margarita in his sippy cup instead...


Recipe of the Day

Forget the Ferber Method.  Your baby will go to sleep, guaranteed, with the Moonshine Ritual! [Photo Source:  Miami Herald]


Tastes Gweat, Wess Fiwwing!

Continuing a proud tradition among illustrious Philadelphia sports fans, a young child was caught on camera drinking from a beer bottle at a Phillies baseball game last...


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Guinness is considered an appropriate solid food, right?


Candy’s TGIF Chocolate Martini

After pouring my heart out about the life lessons I recently learned, a couple of you wrote to me about one of my more poignant epiphanies:  that Godiva liqueur and...


Colleges Narcing Out Drunk Students to Their Parents

When I was in college, I enjoyed the occasional alcoholic drink and by “occasional,” I mean daily case of Moosehead.  In fact, I majored in keg stands and...