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New App Aims to Show Women How Alcohol Ages Us

As part of a campaign to “encourage women to think about the health effects of regularly drinking above the recommended alcohol guidelines,” the Scottish government has created an app that lets users upload photos of themselves to show how their faces could age if they keep chugging margaritas at their current rate.  “Deeper wrinkles, red cheeks and weight gain” are reportedly just some of the delightful effects of regular heavy drinking.  (Ed. note:  But if you keep yourself drunk enough, you won’t care.  Let’s hear it for beer goggles!)

Why target women?  To play on our “vanity,” according to a spokesperson who wisely requested to remain anonymous.  Also, as everybody knows, it doesn’t matter if men look older — it’s only us women who aren’t allowed to age!

An interesting idea, for sure, so I decided to apply the same concept to see how KIDS age us*.  Here is what I discovered about the aging effects of raising children, using my very own photo:

*The more kids we have, the more frightening the results become.

Keep Up with the Joneses — and Your Calls — with New Bugaboo iPhone Holder

Here you splashed out for some sweet wheels with the Bugaboo Cameleon, and yet you’re still left looking a bit silly as you fumble around trying to stroll-and-Tweet.

Not to mention that poor little old lady you mowed down in the process. (Grandma is never going to forgive you for that.)

Well, get a grip! Literally. With the new Bugaboo iPhone holder that helps you get a better grip on your Cameleon or Bee and your phone, giving you the freedom to stroll-and-text, stroll-and-talk, stroll-and-rock-out, stroll-and-navigate and, yes, stroll-and-Tweet.

Be sure to Tweet this: Bugaboo is contributing 1% of total revenue to the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. And, let’s face it: the only thing that feels better than the smooth ride of a Bugaboo is the joy that comes from trying to help others.

Available at Bugaboo.com and other online retail stores; $24.95

Smartphones Helping Kids Get Smart

The iPhone also makes a healthy kids snack

There is an interesting article in this month’s Fast Company magazine about how smartphones and hand-held computers are sparking an “educational revolution” with today’s youngins.  Apparently, kids as young as THREE years old are able to figure out iPhones quicker than you can say, “Hey, how’d my cell phone bill get so high?”

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Apple Approves Disturbing ‘Baby Shaker’ App (Yet My iPhone Still Can’t Text Photos)

Wow.  And here I thought Facebook’s “What kind of sandal are you?” application was stupid…

Apple approved a pretty horrifying app called “Baby Shaker,” which displays a picture of a baby and plays crying sounds. The only way to make it stop is to shake your iPhone really hard, after which two X’s will be placed over the baby’s eyes — implying, of course, that the baby is dead.

No joke.

As you can imagine, there was a teensy bit of backlash, and Apple has since pulled the application from its store.

I know what you’re thinking right now:  Given this development, what kind of sandal is Apple?  I don’t have the Facebook app handy, but I would have to go with a Legwarmer Sandal:

Tries too hard to be outrageous and makes you uncomfortable — and never in good taste.