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Old Cat, New Tricks

I was devastated when my morning photo shoot with the new cat, Lucy, produced a bunch of blurry shots of her whipping off her antlers faster than she could scream, “Quick!  Somebody call L.A. County Kitty Services — this woman is N-U-T-S!”

As I pried the “HELP ME” sign out of Lucy’s desperate paws, I spotted Marcy lounging on the chair and thought, “Why not?” without much hope.  People, she did not so much as blink when I strapped that humiliating holiday headwear around her chin.  She was all, “Here.  Let me show the new girl how it’s done.”  And she SO did.

Sibling competition — I am totally going to exploit that to my advantage.  “Hey, Skye!  I bet you can make mommy a martini better than the baby can!”  BWA-HA-HA.