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Tandem Stroller Recommendations — Straight from Moms’ Mouths

Actually, straight from their fingertips.  When I was expecting Baby #2 (you know, waaaaaaaay back when, eleven weeks ago) and was researching tandem strollers for the baby and my almost two-year-old, I was totally overwhelmed with the choices.  I wanted something lightweight — as lightweight as you’re going to get with a double stroller — and back-to-back, making navigating the city a bit easier than a side-by-side stroller that would make it impossible to get through Starbucks’ doors.  (And mama needs her triple-shot latte!)  So I called upon the expertise of those who know strollers best:  my fellow moms on Facebook.  Their suggestions were helpful, not surprisingly, so I thought I’d pass along their thoughts for your consideration.  With names removed to protect the innocent.

Well, the somewhat innocent.

Fellow parents: Any tandem stroller recommendations for walking around the city with a two-year-old and newborn? (Bonus points for suggestions featuring a nav system, sweet diamond rims and on-the-go margarita maker.)

>>We bought the Phil and Ted’s 3 years ago and have been really happy with it. Love the front back seating and the flexibility to be either a single or a double stroller. Cool newborn sleeping/strolling feature too. Since then, UppaBaby and Baby Jogger have come out with similar styles and look cool. I think in the city, much easier to navigate with a front/back versus side by side. Can still get through the Starbucks door for the several lattes a day you will need. 🙂

>>BOB sport utility stroller, I have twins and it is great. My friend has one and her kids can still sit in it now if they want and they are 5 and 7.

>>E just turned 2 when Z was born and never wanted to sit again, that was for babies. I am really dating myself here, but we used the Peg Perego Venezia (I think they call it Uno now) and E rode on the built in toddler step. It was well loved by all.

>>We have a Joovy Caboose, which is good for short rides in good weather. We also have a double jogger from Baby Trends (cheap version of BOB) for longer rides ( like all day at Disney World!). It is not for a newborn, but handy now for a two and five year old, even through the snow!

>>We have a Sit and Stand Stroller (don’t remember brand name) – passed down to us by a friend. We were able to put the car seat in the back and Nathan rode in the front seat. Then, as both got bigger, we put Jason in the front and Nathan sits an stands on the back part. Important thing I was told was that side by side strollers can be awkward to maneuver through coffee shops, etc. Front/ back ones are more convenient that way.

>>i have a graco duo stadium buggy, the seats are 1 in front of the other so not any wider then a single and its quite light and easy to use, and we walk EVERYWHERE!! x

>>Also check out the City Select from Baby Jogger (it’s not a jogging stroller). You can configure it a million ways and it folds up pretty flat (good for those of us with smaller cars).

>>We have the Phil & Ted’s for longer walks and a Joovy Ultralite in the trunk of my car for errands or trips to places like the zoo, where my son (3 yrs) will want to get up and walk. I have to say, I thought I was going to use the P&T a lot b/c I used my BOB all the time when I just had one child, but the Joovy is the one that I use the most. I like that it has a seat belt in the jump seat so that I can strap my 3-year old in if necessary (and it was when the baby was born, b/c he was only 21 months old at the time). It’s also fabulous for traveling — so easy to get around in the airport!

And after all of that…?  We ended up getting — DRUM ROLL PLEASE — um, none of the above.  We bought the Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Stroller, a modestly priced and well-reviewed option instead.  And in almost eleven weeks…?  We have used the stroller — DRUM ROLL PLEASE — um, zero times, instead opting to use the Bjorn for the baby and a stroller for our toddler when we take our traveling zoo around town.  In the meantime, the monstrosity of a double stroller sits in our living room.  A glamorous decor accent, I know.

But we will use it!  I swear!  One of these days.  Probably.  Hopefully.

For sure if we ever find that margarita maker attachment.

Run, Don’t Stroll, to this Sale: Get the Uppa Baby Vista Stroller for Only $499.99

The Uppa Baby VISTA stroller, a favorite among celebrities such as Brooke Shields, Tori Spelling and Sarah Jessica Parker, is now on sale for — you may want to hold on to your baby’s bonnet for this — $499.99.  Which is [PUNCHES NUMBERS ON THE CALCULATOR] a whopping $200 savings off the usual $699.99 price tag.

The one catch:  This sales price is only available with the yellow option.  But what better color for your little bundle of sunshine…?

Check out the Uppa Baby VISTA stroller on sale now at Albee Baby.

Keep Up with the Joneses — and Your Calls — with New Bugaboo iPhone Holder

Here you splashed out for some sweet wheels with the Bugaboo Cameleon, and yet you’re still left looking a bit silly as you fumble around trying to stroll-and-Tweet.

Not to mention that poor little old lady you mowed down in the process. (Grandma is never going to forgive you for that.)

Well, get a grip! Literally. With the new Bugaboo iPhone holder that helps you get a better grip on your Cameleon or Bee and your phone, giving you the freedom to stroll-and-text, stroll-and-talk, stroll-and-rock-out, stroll-and-navigate and, yes, stroll-and-Tweet.

Be sure to Tweet this: Bugaboo is contributing 1% of total revenue to the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. And, let’s face it: the only thing that feels better than the smooth ride of a Bugaboo is the joy that comes from trying to help others.

Available at Bugaboo.com and other online retail stores; $24.95

Give Your Baby a Leg Up with the Peg Perego Skate

No, we’re not talking about making your kid the next Michelle Kwan. This Skate is a versatile carriage-to-stroller system from Peg Perego that has just been updated as a three-piece system with new colors — including Kiwi, Tropical and Java (sounds delicious) — and an even larger removable bassinet with a handle for easier carrying.

Well, as easy as it can be, considering you’re also lugging a diaper bag, toys, blankets, what remains of your sanity…

The bassinet feature has also been redesigned to offer baby additional padding, while the seat feature features more space for the quickly growing tot. Knowing that ease is key for harried parents, they’ve also made the stroller easier to open and close. The rest of the Skate, however, is the similar to last year’s version: The bassinet can stand alone and offers a 3-position height adjustment plus an adjustable backrest. Aaahhh. Meanwhile, the reversible seat allows baby to face parents or, if he grows tired of you making googly eyes at him, you can turn him around to see our crazy world.

The company’s Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30 car seat (sold separately) can be attached directly to the frame with the included adapters. Best of all, the stroller has a “one-hand” folding system that you’ll appreciate as you also juggle that diaper bag, baby, toys and, of course, the crumbs of your sanity.

With the Skate, you’ll be gliding around the neighborhood in style in no time. (See what we did there?)

Available at BabiesRUs.com among other online retail stores; $699.99

The “Yikes!” Report: Maclaren Recalls One Million Strollers

"Oh, crap."

Hey, parents — if you have a Maclaren stroller, you’re going to want to mute that “Two and a Half Men” rerun on the TV and pay full attention to this story.  Yes!  I have something important to share for once!

British stroller maker Maclaren and the Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling approximately 1 million strollers after the company received a dozen reports of children’s fingertips getting amputated by a hinge on the strollers.

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Taga Stroller/Bike Combo Converts, Pushes, Rides, Fetches Martinis


Helmet, Schmelmet

Introducing a baby stroller that may be ridden in almost as many positions as Paris Hilton on any given night:  the three-wheeled convertible Taga, described by makers as the ultimate “yummy mummy accessory.”

Well, wearing Ryan Reynolds on my arm may be a tad more yummy, but this is still pretty damn cool.

To help us burn calories and save fuel, the Taga converts into a child-carrying bicycle in just a few seconds.  Although, given my recent struggles in figuring out our new car seat and stroller, I’m guessing it would take a bumbling idiot like me longer than that.

Taga, which is available in red, green, orange or light-blue, is no joke:  it has been developed over the last four years by a team of international designers and safety engineers.  As you can see, kids are carried in forward-facing seats between the handlebars and are secured by a five-point harness, and mothers can apparently ride the contraption in five-mile-high wedges.

Of course, this may all be a moot point considering you’ll have to sell your first-born in order to afford it:  the Taga will set you back a whopping $2,500.  MILF not even included.

With thanks to Laughing Stork reader Rebecca for the heads up