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For Sale!

For Sale: Urine-Soaked Positive Pregnancy Tests

As if we needed further proof that you can indeed find ANYTHING on Craigslist, a new trend has cropped up:  women selling their positive pregnancy tests on the...


Awkward Baby Shower Cakes: Push It Good

Baby showers are a time for women to “ooohhh” and “aaahhh” over tiny socks and breast pumps, and for men to be thankful they’re not women....


Classy Baby Shower Gift Idea

Important manufacturer health warning:  They are not to be used for love making and you should always consult your doctor before using extra nipples.


Season’s Gropings!

And with one inappropriate squeeze, it suddenly became an XXX-mas Card.  (One for the family to hang on the fridge year-round!)


Pop Quiz: Shauna Sand at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch

Shauna Sand was doing WHAT at the pumpkin patch?


Uncomfortable Baby Shower Cakes: Classy Baby Mama Edition

On the heels of the Beheaded Baby Dessert, I offer you a slice of the delicious-looking Redneck Amputee Cake: “The Redneck Amputee”… sure to become the...


And Now This Word from Shauna Sand’s Daughter…

“Why do strange men keep asking Mom how much she ‘charges for an hour’?”


Stealing My Thunder

Darn it!  I’ve lined up my husband a top-notch photographer to take pictures of me and my growin’ belly tonight as I enter my 23rd week, and this woman has...


Project Pregnant Runway

The challenge:  Make a maternity prom dress using only your grandmother’s living room drapes, scissors and a healthy dose of elegance. And voilà!  Whoever said...