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The Laughing Stork Uncovers Why the Aston Martin Stroller is So Freakin’ Expensive

British sports car-maker Aston Martin has rolled out the latest in high-end baby gear nonsense:  a limited edition $3000 stroller.   “Premium” features include a winter footmuff with windproof performance fabrics, detachable baby carrier, sun shade and rain shield, and a folding, detachable shopping basket — you know, pretty much standard features on most any stroller costing several hundred dollars. Except for the shopping basket, perhaps…although, for that kind of money, I’d rather just throw my milk and cheese on top of the baby.  Or in the basket provided for free by the store.

So why does the Aston Martin stroller cost so much money?  Well, The Laughing Stork’s cracker jack investigative team has an uncovered an ad revealing benefits way beyond “windproof performance fabrics”…

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