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10 Best Things About Being the Pregnant CEO of Yahoo!

Marissa Mayer made big news yesterday when she was named the new CEO of Yahoo!.  Not only did she become the most powerful woman in the technology world at just 37 years old, but she also announced that she was — GASP! — pregnant with her first child, a baby boy due in October.  This has, as you can imagine, already ignited a rousing discourse about maternity leave (she’s only planning on taking a few weeks off) and women trying to “have it all.”

I, for one, think there are plenty of benefits to being the pregnant CEO of Yahoo!.  For example:

10.  With the job she’s taking on, she’ll become accustomed to tackling messes.

9.  Insider access to all of the amazing parenting and pregnancy advice dispensed on Yahoo! Answers.

8.  Three words:  unlimited Yahoo! onesies.

7.  Having grown used to watching Yahoo!’s annoying in-video ads, the sound of a baby’s cries at 3AM won’t seem nearly as annoying in comparison.

6.  Apparently, the job comes with its own birth ball:

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