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Potty Training: It’s All About Baby Steps

First step:  Face your fears.  That’s right!  Stick your face right in there. Second step:  Learn which end goes where. Third step:  Confiscate the camera...

Potty Training Memes to Help Us Forget Our Bathrooms Smell Like Outhouses

I’m in the midst of potty-training my second kid and, while his heart and intentions are in the right place, his aim sure isn’t.  Which is why I present...


Potty Training Excuse of the Day

Potty training with our daughter has been filled with stops and starts and — how should I put this — questionable excuses for not using the potty.  For...


Medical Expert Warns That Potty Training Too Early Can Be Harmful, Lead to Hiding Behind Shower Curtains

With Miss Skye turning three this weekend and still in Pull-ups, potty training is just becoming top-of-mind in our household.  As you may remember, I’ve shared...


Potty Training: 10 Signs It May Not Be Going Well

If your toddler exhibits any of this behavior, it may be time to rethink your strategy.


My Jedi Mind Potty-Training Tricks (and Other Completely Ineffective Parenting Tips)

“Sitting in poop is icky.  Doesn’t it feel nice to have a clean diaper?” I just asked my two-year-old daughter in that encouraging tone us parents use...


The Penile Trap

Parents of toddlers are so busy installing stair gates and electrical outlet covers — or, as child safety experts such as myself call them,...