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What is This Cake Celebrating?

1.  Mickey’s new theme song:  It’s the Mickey Mouse Gentlemen’s Club(house)

2.  How a mother nursing her child is as comforting as Mickey’s warm embrace.  (Precious, I know.)

3.  The death of our childhood innocence.

4.  A beheaded stripper and Mickey Mouse sitting in a pool of blood can only mean one thing:  They’re launching CSI:  Disney World.

5.  None of the above.  The crazy cake is celebrating _____________.

via Cake Wrecks

Pop Quiz: What is Jessica Alba’s Dog Saying to Haven?

Jessica Alba’s pug, Sid, is saying WHAT to 13-month-old Haven in this picture?

1.  “Yes!  I can see it!  The hair that fell out is finally coming back in.”

2.  “Don’t tell Dad, but the mailman is a redhead, too.  Just sayin’.”

3.  “Wait.  You don’t SMELL like a dog.”

4.  “That’s right, kid.  Get on your hands and knees and beg for forgiveness for flushing my Milk-Bone down the toilet.”

5.  None of the above.  Sid is saying ________________.

Pop Quiz: What is the Inspiration Behind Reese Witherspoon’s Baby Name?

“North Carolina? No, I dated a guy in high school named that…”

Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth have welcomed a baby boy named Tennesee James.  Yes, TENNESSEE!  Let’s see if you can identify the inspiration behind this unusual name:  Why did Reese and Jim name their baby TENNESSEE?

1.  Because Reese and Jim are huge fans of states resembling trapezoids.  (Who isn’t, really?)

2.  Because a tactful friend said to Reese at the end of her pregnancy, “Yikes!  You’re as big as TENNESSEE!”

3.  Because they were afraid if they named him “Mississippi,” nobody would ever spell his name right.

4.  Because the night of conception started off with Jim going down SOUTH.   (Did Candy just go there?  Oh yes, she did!)

5.  Because Reese grew up in Nashville.  (I think we all know there’s no WAY it is this one.)

6.  None of the above.  Reese and Jim named him TENNESSEE because _____________.

Pop Quiz: What Is Jessica Simpson’s Daughter Thinking?

Four-month-old Maxwell is thinking what in this photo shared by her mom on Katie Couric’s new talk show?

1.  “I asked for ‘beach hair’ — not ‘bed head!’  That’s it.  I’m firing Ken Paves!”

2.  “I don’t have the heart to tell Mom these are pot holders — not a bathing suit.”

3.  “Look, Tyra — I’m SMIZING!”

4.  “Uh, Mom?  When Us Weekly asked for a post-pregnancy bikini shot, I think they were talking about YOU, not me.”

5.  None of the above.  Maxwell is thinking _______________.

Deep Thoughts: Guess What Harper Beckham is Thinking

Harper Beckham is thinking what as she leaves a birthday party in Los Angeles?

1.  That kid in front of us is totally photo-bombing this picture.

2.  Hope Mom and Dad are ready for a long night because the clown from that party is going to haunt my dreams.  HOW DID HE PULL A FLOWER FROM MY NOSE?!  Sick.

3.  Flats?  I’m one whole year!  Doesn’t Mom know that Suri was rocking sky-high Louboutins by the time she was SIX MONTHS OLD?

4.  Mom’s not the ONLY one who can pout for the cameras.

5.  None of the above.  Harper is thinking _________________.

Pop Quiz: What is NeNe Lekes’ “Secret” Granddaughter Thinking?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta “star” was taken aback when she ran into her 22-year-old son’s girlfriend… and saw the girl, 21, was six months pregnant.  SURPRISE!  And now here is NeNe with her two-month granddaughter, Bri’asia, who is thinking what in this picture?

1.  “Gonna be awkward when she finds out I’m more of a Real Housewives of Orange County fan.”

2.  “That blonde color is as natural as Kim Zolciak’s hair.”

3.  “I hope Grandma uses the money she gets for these pictures to buy jeans without holes in them.”

4.  “It is 90 degrees and I am the offspring of a reality star’s offspring, people.  What’s a girl gotta do to GET SOME FREAKIN’ MILK AROUND HERE?”

5.  None of the above.  Bri’asia is thinking ________________.

Test your ability to read babies’ minds with more pop quizzes…

Pop Quiz: What is Samuel Affleck Thinking?

Five-month-old Samuel is thinking what as he heads into a NYC hotel with mom Jennifer Garner…?

1. “Holy cow!  I haven’t made an entrance THIS chaotic and confusing since I slid down that birth canal!”

2.  “This East Coast humidity is not doing my hair any favors.”

3.  “Do you think people can tell I’m wearing my sister’s princess diaper hand-me-downs?”

4.  “I just pooped myself.”

5.  None of the above.  Samuel is thinking _______________________.

Reader-Submitted Picture: The Higher the Hair…

Pop quiz!  This young lady’s hair looks like this because:

1)  She found a creative way to circumvent the ride height requirements at Disney World;

2)  She wanted to see if she could generate enough static electricity to power her Barbie car;

3)  She’s bringing the ’80s headbanger look back to the playground, baby!

4)  She just emerged from her living room fort — and this was, as her mom noted, the awesome result.

With thanks to Laughing Stork reader, Angela, for the fantastic pic!

If you have a funny photo of your kid, pet, pregnancy and/or family that you’d like to share, be sure to e-mail it to me at candy@thelaughingstork.com.

Pop Quiz: Tori Spelling’s Daughter Hattie is Thinking ____

Hattie McDermott is thinking what in this picture?

1)  “You are not SERIOUSLY having another baby already, are you, Mom?  …MOM?!”

2)  “Out of sweet potatoes?  Whatchoo talkin’ about, Mom?”

3)  “Wait — Luke Perry used to look like THAT?”

4)  “Grandpa Spelling was worth HOW much?”

5)  “What do you mean, David Silver isn’t my dad?”

6)  “Turn off the flash, woman!  It washes me out.”

7)  None of the above.  Adorable Hattie is thinking ______________.