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Today’s “Ouch” Report: Jessica Alba Credits Torture Device for Post-Baby Weight Loss

jessica-alba-eating-instagramIf you’re wondering how Jessica Alba got her rockin’ figure back so quickly after both of her pregnancies, well, let’s just say it wasn’t from popping those fried cheese balls she’s pretending to eat on Instagram. In an interview with Net-a-Porter’s magazine, Jessica revealed her apparent secret to bouncing back:

“I wore a double corset day and night for three months. It was sweaty, but worth it.” Jessica said. “It was brutal; it’s not for everyone.”

A double corset, eh?  My ribcage would just like to say:  “Ouch.”  And I’m sure good genes and the fact Jessica started working out just two weeks after giving birth had nothing to do with her quick weight loss.  *Ahem*

Nevertheless, it’s only a matter of time before we see Jessica launch a new line of weight-loss products-slash-torture devices for new moms, including:

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