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Hugh Jackman Throws a Fatherly Sucker Punch

Rule #1 of the Father-Daughter Snowball Fight:  Always launch the frozen ammunition when the opponent is walking away, so you can get a running start before your...

Worst Bus Tour Ever

“This tour guide could use a little more training,” Mittens thinks. Source

Etiquette Lesson: Why You Should Always Tip the Midwife

Police in southern Shenzhen City confirmed a patient’s claim that her anus had been sewn by a midwife suspected of taking revenge during the patient’s labor...

Welcome to My World

Only a matter of time ’til I have to ask Jeremy Piven if I may borrow one of his hair pieces.

Word of the Day: Cannibaby

Cannibaby (n.) 1.  My ten-month-old daughter who prefers solid foods of the flesh variety*, sinking her six teeth into my neck, cheek and shoulder every chance she gets...

Baby Fight Club

I don’t remember applying to become a member of this particular club, but I’ve somehow become an unwitting participant anyway. 

The Penile Trap

Parents of toddlers are so busy installing stair gates and electrical outlet covers — or, as child safety experts such as myself call them,...