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Food Network Fires Paula Deen for Racial Slurs

Yup.  Dropped like a sack of bacon-and-cheese-stuffed potatoes.

PRO SHOPPING TIP: Get Kim Kardashian’s Footwear!

Hey, pregnant ladies, want to get Kim Kardashian’s look?  Her shoes are now available in Saks’ maternity torture device department.

And Now This Word from Kim Kardashian’s Swollen Feet

Kim Kardashian/Instagram  

Today’s “Ouch” Report: Jessica Alba Credits Torture Device for Post-Baby Weight Loss

If you’re wondering how Jessica Alba got her rockin’ figure back so quickly after both of her pregnancies, well, let’s just say it wasn’t from...

Many Men Before You Have Attempted This and Not Lived to Tell the Tale

“Yay!  I found my lost ball.”

Pro Family Photography Tip: How to Get Everybody to Smile at the Same Time

Well, almost everybody. Photo Source

Payback Hurts (Oh, Does It Hurt)

That Mother of the Year Award that I blew...?  Yeah, I may just be in the running for it now. Hand-Foot-and-Mouth has been an unwelcome house guest here for more than a...

Worst Summer Vacation Ever

Looks like somebody wants to cut summer vacation short.  (Ba-dum-tish!) Photo Source

The Ol’ Snip-Snip Report

With thanks to Laughing Stork reader, Karin, who was accompanying her husband to his vasectomy when they spotted this on the way: “Not really what my husband needs...

The Top 10 Reasons ‘Modern Family’ is Recasting Lily

It’s a tot-eat-tot world in Hollywood, as twins Jaden and Ella Hiller — who play Lily on Modern Family — are finding out.  The ABC comedy is...