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A Father’s Day Message from Mr. Candy: The Top Ten Things I Learned NOT to Do During Pregnancy

For the, um, five or so men who read this site, and for the hubbies/partners/dads of the REST of you, I asked Mr. Candy to prepare a “Top Ten” list in honor...


Krazee-Eyez Moth Killa

In a world filled with famine, war and incurable diseases, I think it’s important that we address the moth situation in my house.


The Social Life of Expectant Parents: A Visual Perspective

Candy and Mr. Candy last year — a night that, if I’m not mistaken, ended with Mr. Candy having a lively conversation with the milkmaid statue outside. ...


The Perils of Writing a Column

Between you and me, I felt rather good about myself in my Easter Sunday dress.  Form-fitting enough to really showcase my bump, but also cute enough to make me feel...

The Frugal Husband

“Cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap!” my father-in-law once tweeted like a bird while laughing at my husband’s penny-pinching ways. Just how cheap IS Mr....

Compliments: It’s All About the Delivery

“I told one of my colleagues in Chicago today you’re pregnant, and she told me I should tell you that you look good.  So… you look good.”...

File This Under: “Phrases I NEVER Thought I’d Hear My Husband Utter”

“Oh my god, our daughter has such a pronounced labia!” –Mr. Candy’s response to seeing the SECOND ultrasound in which our baby left no doubt...