Mr. Candy’s Go-To Dress

The reason Miss Skye looks so put out…? 


A Dark Day for Mr. Candy

“Can’t we get something in the mail besides bills, bills, bills?” Mr. Candy had grumbled earlier this week.  Ask and you shall receive, my dear...


“What Are You Thinking?”

It was that critical make-or-break point.  Twenty-two years old and three months into our relationship, Mr. Candy and I were having “The Talk” at a cozy...


Mr. Candy’s List of Favorite Things

When I posted my list of favorite things, some of you asked if Mr. Candy could suggest his fave items for new babydaddies.  He’s been traveling like a fiend...


Baby Math with Mr. Candy: In Deep Doo-Doo

Baby Math with Mr. Candy:  In Deep Doo-Doo I remember going shopping for Skylar before she was born.  Candy picked out a giant box of diapers.  As I was putting it...


Silly Men

MR. CANDY:  Wow.  Colbie Smulders doesn’t even look pregnant! ME:  Um, she had her baby a couple months ago. MR. CANDY:  Oh.  [PAUSE]  Wow.  She lost her...


Date Night

“We have to go out on a date at LEAST every other week after the baby comes,” Mr. Candy and I had agreed.  That agreement was made was WAY back in the day,...


A Whole New Kind of Party

Anyone who’s followed my column with even infrequent regularity knows Mr. Candy and I have enjoyed our fair share of partying.  (Translation: If it weren’t...


Baby Math with Mr. Candy: DC Isn’t the Only Place with a Budget Crunch

Baby Math With Mr. Candy Not being the creative one in the family, I could never hope to capture in words the joy and happiness I experienced when I first saw Skylar....


Why Women Have Babies

Candy white-knuckles the bathroom counter, breathing through her Braxton-Hicks contractions. MR. CANDY:  OUCH! He jumps back from the mirror, wincing in agony. CANDY: ...