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Deals & Steals: Mother’s Day Promo Codes

For those of you looking for last-minute goodies that Mom will like, at prices that you will like:

  • Harry & DavidSave 20% off all Mother’s day gifts of $50 or more with discount code MDAY11 (expires May 9th)
  • BakeMeAWish.com – Save 15% on Mother’s Day cakes with code MomsDay15 (expires May 15th)
  • SpaFinder.comFree shipping & free gift box on all orders over $75 with code FSMOM75 (expires May 8th)
  • BedandBreakfast.comFree $50 Zappos.com gift card with B&B gift card purchase of $300 or more with code BBMOM50 (expires May 9th)
  • FloraFlora.com – Save 15% plus free delivery on Mother’s Day purchases with code MDAY15 (expires May 8th)
  • 1-800-BasketsSave 20% on Mother’s Day purchases with code 18BMDAY20 (expires May 8th)

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Macy’s Mother’s Day Sale: The Shopping Stork’s Picks

Because mama needs a pick-me-up after breaking up a fight between the kids over who gets to open the refrigerator door:

Reg. $719.99
Sale $499.99

Because mama wants to make the other mamas jealous at the next PTA meeting:

Reg. $378.00
Was $282.99
Sale $225.99

Because mama likes to look good without killing her feet in cute, on-trend wedges:

Reg. $59.00

Sale $41.30

Because mama likes to smell nice, yet not have people smell her coming from a mile away (smart, especially when you want to sneak up on the kids):

A $93.00 Value
Only $72.00

Top 10 Tell-Tale Signs You Are a Mother

Happy Mother’s Day to all the hot mamas out there!  In honor of this most beloved holiday, here is The Laughing Stork’s list of the TOP 10 TELL-TALE SIGNS YOU ARE A MOTHER:

10.  The words “because I said so” have passed your lips.

9.  You believe your spittle is an acceptable substitute for soap.

8.  You’ve seduced your husband with this naughty phrase:  “Hey, we probably have a good ten minutes till she wakes up.”  [*WINK*]

7.  Spit-up is your new black.

6.  You fantasize about Greg from “The Wiggles.” (Those black hot pants are irresistible.)

5.  You can flat-iron your hair, text your boss and perform an appendectomy with one hand.

4.  Nap Time is your new Happy Hour.

3.  You have sophisticated dinner conversations, often starting with the provocative question:  “So did the big guy poop on the potty today?”

2.  Your showers have been replaced by baby wipes and, on a good day, deodorant.

1.  You have read the signs on this list and nodded, “Tru dat, sistah!”