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And The Names of Mariah Carey’s Twins Are… [DRUMROLL PLEASE] …

Celebrities are (in)famous for their, um, unique approach to baby names and I’m happy to report that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon did NOT disappoint…

Introducing Baby Girl Monroe and Baby Boy Moroccan Scott.

MOROCCAN!  Oh, that makes me so happy.  For us.  Not so much for little Moroccan.

A little insight into their naming process:  Monroe does not have a middle name because, well, her mother doesn’t have one. The baby girl was named after Marilyn Monroe, who has “been an inspiration to Mariah her whole life.”  Which explains Mariah’s classy wardrobe.  Meanwhile, Scott is Nick’s middle name, as well as his grandmother’s maiden name — and the name Moroccan is inspired by the top level of Mariah’s NYC apartment, which features Moroccan decor.

So they named their daughter after a woman who had multiple affairs with married men and made a career out of being a “dumb blonde,” while their son is named after interior design accents.

Makes sense to me.


Mariah Carey Honors Easter with the Traditional “Painted Pregnant Belly Tweet”

Some people celebrate Easter by going to church.  Others worship at the altar of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs  (hey, don’t judge me).  And then… there is Mariah Carey, who naturally honored the holiday by Tweeting a picture of her pregnant belly painted like an Easter Egg with the following note:

“HAPPY EASTER! Ummm. READY!!!!! Done and done.”

The 42-year-old mama-to-be linked to a photo of her growing belly, with a large sky-blue Easter egg painted across it. On the left side of her stomach there was a blue heart, and on the right side, a pink one — I think you can figure out why.MariahCarey-easterbump