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Son’s Hand-Written (Yes! Written! By Hand!) Diatribe About Mom’s “Nefarious” Alarm Clock Goes Viral

(My response follows.)

If this were MY son…?  This would be my response:

Dear Oldest Son,

Considering YOU were the “douche-incarnate sleep molester” in my life for countless years — waking me from the “bounds of sweet slumber” every three-to-four hours with your “hellish cries” for the first year of your life, then running into our room and jumping on our bed at the “wretched” hour of 6 a.m. for the better part of your childhood — I must tell you this:  if you deign to raise even one nefarious finger in the direction of my alarm clock, nary a single morsel of my banana bread will ever pass your lips again.

Also, your letter is colorfully written, but divest yourself of the profanity please.  SO pedestrian.