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10 Questions I Wish Oprah Would Ask the Kardashians

“Who wants better RAAAAAAATINGS?”

When I saw that Oprah had invited the Kardashian family to appear on her show, “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” I shook my head and sighed, “Oh, Oprah, honey, no.”  But, now that I see the publicity the interview (set to air this weekend) is already garnering for O (yes, she and I are so close, we’re on a first initial basis), I guess I can understand why she’s lowered herself to this level.  Media outlets are hailing O for asking “hard-hitting” questions such as “Would you be where you are had there not been a sex tape,” and “When people say that your last marriage was a stunt, how does that make you feel,” and “Was there ever a moment where you asked yourself, ‘Am I pimping my kids?‘ and “What are you actually famous for?”  More aggressive than most of the softballs lobbed at the Kardashians, perhaps, but still…here are the questions I wish Oprah would have asked the family:

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What We Can Learn From Celebrity Holiday Cards

Celebrities have the advantage of being able to hire top styling professionals and graphic artists for their holiday cards, so let’s see what tips we can glean from their sure-to-be classy season’s greetings:


Nadya Suleman suggests moms embrace putting the "ho" in "ho, ho, ho!" with HER card.


Bethenny Frankel goes the more traditional route by having her husband flaunt his holiday *package* in a unitard.


The Kardashians strive for a natural, down-to-earth look in all of their holiday cards.


Celine Dion shows us how little effort is necessary -- no need to even leave your bed!


The Hiltons manage to perform a Christmas miracle... and make Paris look demure.


...A miracle undone in one fell swoop.


Mariah Carey: Don't hesitate to employ the, um, flattering (and classy!) touch of a caricaturist


For some reason, Hugh Hefner's card makes me think of "Take Your Sluttily Dressed Great-Granddaughters to Work Day."


Britney Spears: Make sure your card has a long shelf life.


The Huckabees are all about haute couture in *their* Christmas card.