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Today’s Top News in Two Sentences or Less

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox welcome a baby boy named Bodhi Ransom Green.  Word has it they named him after their favorite flip-flop-wearing stoner dude selling...

A Note to Justin Bieber’s Mom

Hey, don’t judge.  Everybody potty trains at their own pace.

End-of-Week Celebrity Reprimands

Scolding deserving celebrities in our best “Mom Voice”… Tsk, tsk, tsk, young man.  You have a sweet girl in that Selena Gomez, so do right by her and...

The Laughing Stork Recipe: Justin Bieber Pancakes

Photo via Pinterest If you want your tween-age daughter to finally wake up with a smile on her face, be sure to serve these dreamy Justin Bieber pancakes to her.  Just...