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The Best, The Worst and the Most ‘Frozen’-Inspired Dressed at the 2014 Oscars: As Critiqued by Me, My Husband and My Four-Year Old Daughter

Because when you think of quality family time, you think of judging celebrities’ outfits together.  Also, I should note that I did not prompt or in any other way influence my four-year-old daughter’s responses to the photos.  Turns out, she is a fashion police NATURAL.  (*Sniff* I’ve never been so proud.)

Cate Blanchett in Giorgio Armani

Cate Blanchett in Giorgio Armani

4-YEAR-OLD:   Yes.  Looks like it has butterflies on it.

MR. CANDY: Pretty dress, but washes her out.

ME: Looks like she had Britney Spears’ Toxic bodysuit made into a ballgown.

Time to Laugh at Moms Who Don’t Have Washboard Stomachs!

Yay!  Good times.

The Daily Mail, which should win the Pulitzer Prize in women-bashing editorial, offers an oh-so-hysterical open letter to Julia Roberts “commending” her for daring to bare her “mummy tummy… with its crepey softness” while vacationing in Hawaii with her family last week.

Yes, this was written by a woman.  No, she doesn’t offer up a candid, perhaps even Photoshop-worsened picture of herself running after her kids in a bikini so we can have an equally good laugh at HER “mummy tummy.”

Ha, haaaaa!  Nothing funnier than busting on a mother for having a little loose skin from carrying LIFE in her womb.  Because that’s what really matters.

I think it’s about time the Daily Fail goes belly up.

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