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Jon Gosselin Declares World War III!

DILF (Dad I’d Like to Fart on) Jon Gosselin told Entertainment Tonight that his twins’ ninth birthday party could “turn into World War III”...


Jon Gosselin Fills His Empty Soul with Joint Bank Account

There’s got to be a country song in that headline somewhere… At the same time Jon Gosselin was on his “I’m a good father — really!”...


TLC Divorces Jon Gosselin, Changes Name to ‘Kate Plus 8’

The Learning Channel is apparently tired of learning about Jon Gosselin’s harem of women, because they have decided to dump him from their popular reality program...


Jon Gosselin: “I Am Not a Lame Fish!”

If there’s one thing that’s been missing from my life, it’s more details about the Gosselins’ failed marriage.  So thank GOODNESS I can begin...


‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ Plus One = Giddy Tabloids

Once again, I’ve gotten sucked into this silly Gosselin family drama!  Damn you, Jon Gosselin and your new lady child, er… I mean, friend! While the tabloid...


Kate Gosselin Caught — GASP! — Disciplining Her Children

In Touch Weekly has this EXCLUSIVE photo of reality “star” and tabloid target Kate Gosselin about to smack her five-year-old kid’s behind after she...


There’s Something Fishy About Kate Gosselin

“Well, that cheating frog never turned into a prince.  Maybe I’ll have better luck with this tuna.”


Who Wore It Best: Hair Edition

LEFT:  Kate Gosselin promoting one of her books titled “Having Kids CAN Pay!” (or something like that) RIGHT:  My Aunt Betty’s cockatoo, Teapot,...


Kate Gosselin Has Therapy Session with People Magazine

Most women would rather crawl and hide under Matthew McConaughey’s smelly armpit than have to discuss their husband’s infidelity with the world.  But,...


Jon & Kate Plus a Mistress

Jon & Kate Plus 8 father Jon Gosselin, 32, must have too much time on his hands, what, with only having to raise eight children and all, so he has managed to fill...