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And the Name of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Baby is…

Have you heard?  Of COURSE you’ve already heard.

Blue Ivy.

Oh, thank you Celebrity Baby Name Gods for blessing us with another entertaining name that people will either love or hate.  Me…?  I’m just happy to hear the baby is healthy — and hope against hope that Blue Ivy is, indeed their daughter’s name and not just some rumor the tabloids are teasing us with.  Because I don’t want to be the only one lucky enough to have the name of a stripper.

In fact, “Blue Ivy” conjures up many possible business ideas-slash-baby announcements…

There is Blue Ivy:  The nightclub.

The Blue Ivy:  a poorly-Photoshopped novel about a poet and his tragedy-prone family in eighteenth-century Germany.

Finally, of course, there is Blue Ivy:  The Old Lady perfume.

Congrats to those crazy music moguls and their little bundle of nightclub-slash-novel-slash perfume!

Thoughts about what Blue Ivy reminds YOU of?  Please do share!