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Toddler Kicked Out of Preschool for Potty Accidents, Killing Her Chances with Harvard

The Washington Post recently ran a story about a three-year-old who was suspended from preschool — for a month! — because she sometimes has problems making it to the toilet on time.  Like, you know, many three-year-olds and frat house beer pong players so often do.  To add insult to lack of bladder control, the principal actually escorted the little girl and her mother from the building.  To make sure the toddler didn’t leave a farewell puddle in the hallway, I guess.

My knee-jerk reaction was, OMG, that school sucks big balls! Because those are the kind of profound, maternal thoughts that run through my mind.  Then I sat back and mulled over it for a minute, and I thought, OMG, those parents suck big balls! I mean, seriously?  Running to the Washington Post and announcing to the world that your child pees her pants is not going to do her any favors, especially now that her name (used in the article) will forever be associated with “potty issues” on the Internet.

To forever be associated with “potty mouth,” on the other hand, would be pretty damn cool.

So I got to thinking:  How would I have exacted my revenge on the school?  Because if there’s one lesson that children should get out of this, it’s that NO HUMILIATING DEED SHOULD GO UNPUNISHED!  A sampling of the constructive ways I would have handled the suspension:

1)  Left a farewell puddle in the hallway;

2)  Put the principal on a mailing list for adult diaper promotions and coupons — using the school’s address; and/or…

3)  Covered the school administration’s toilet seats with saran wrap.

Let’s hear it for putting the “pee” in principal!  (I know, I know… *GONG*)

Teacher of the Day So Far

NIRASAKI, Yamanashi — An elementary school teacher here instructed his students to make a ransom note as part of their moral education, it has emerged.

[Ed. note — In the teacher’s defense, that kind of writing does tend to pay the best.]

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