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Happy Back-to-School Season!

In her defense, perhaps she was just attempting to demonstrate her lesson plan explaining the effects of gravity (and Two-Buck Chuck). Source

And Now This Update About Our Educational System

“So I was in class when I saw this guy reading an IHOP menu,” writes a student on Imgur. Hey, some study for MCATs. Some study for LSATs.  And...


Infographic: What Are Our Children Learning from “Jake and the Neverland Pirates”?


Bonus Points for Using Proper Terminology, Kid

However, we have no choice but to fail the workbook illustrator for nebulous use of an arrow.  via Ellen  


Education Update: Kids’ Math Skills Still Sub-Par

Their smartassedness, however, is off the charts! Source

Toddler Kicked Out of Preschool for Potty Accidents, Killing Her Chances with Harvard

The Washington Post recently ran a story about a three-year-old who was suspended from preschool — for a month! — because she sometimes has problems making...

Teacher of the Day So Far

NIRASAKI, Yamanashi — An elementary school teacher here instructed his students to make a ransom note as part of their moral education, it has emerged. [Ed. note...


Boy Fakes Kidnapping to Hide Bad Grades (Naturally)

The “dog ate my homework” excuse is SO last decade… An 11-year-old boy went to great lengths to avoid bringing home a bad report card, telling police...