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Wanted: Mashed Potatoes That Dance on TV

The M&Ms put on their dancing shoes, thereby whetting my daughter's appetite

As parents, we enjoy sharing advice and stories about our kids with other parents.  And, as the receivers of this information, we often smile and nod appreciatively.  But it isn’t until we have actually experienced something for ourselves that we sit up and exclaim, “Oh, NOW I get it.”

I recently was struck with one of those “ah-ha” moments when I realized my toddler wouldn’t eat anything that hasn’t performed a song-and-dance number on TV.  Macaroni with processed powder cheese, dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, pizza and M&Ms:  these are her tap-dancing foods of choice.  Of course, this isn’t my first experience with a pint-sized picky eater.  Before having kids, I’d babysat cousins and nephews who left more food on their plate than Victoria Beckham eats in a month.  And I’d heard plenty of tales of woe from friends about how their kids would only eat red food and when it was a full moon.  But this was my first experience with my very own pint-sized picky eater.  Meaning:  now I care.  Like, really care.  And when you care, you find yourself going to foolish lengths to make your child care, too.

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