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Can We Charge the Doctor for Annoying Us with an Hour-Long Wait?

But… Yahoo! Answers is SO reliable! Photo Source

The M&Ms put on their dancing shoes, thereby whetting my daughter's appetite

Wanted: Mashed Potatoes That Dance on TV

As parents, we enjoy sharing advice and stories about our kids with other parents.  And, as the receivers of this information, we often smile and nod appreciatively. ...


Even Formula-Fed Babies Not Getting Enough Vitamin D

The vast majority of infants in the United States may still not be getting enough Vitamin D, according to a new study from the American Academy of Pediatrics.


Many Parents Still Freaked Out About Unproven Vaccine-Autism Link

Although numerous studies have debunked the theory that childhood vaccines cause autism, one in five parents still believe that vaccines may cause autism, according to a...


Food Allergy Tests Yield Misleading Results, Angry Kids Demanding Their Due Peanut Butter Cups

Before you deprive your supposedly peanut-allergy-ridden child of a lifetime of delicious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Eggs, you may want make sure it’s...


Gerber Graduates for Toddlers: Lil’ Entrées, Big-time Sodium

If you’re tired of driving all the way to the salt mines to get your child’s daily intake of yummy sodium, you’ll be happy to know you can just grab...


No Proof Yet That Special Diets Ease Autism, Say Experts

Autism has been a hot-button issue as of late, and new research is sure to only further fuel the debate:  A recent report from a panel of experts has determined there...


Brooke Shields Reflects on Postpartum Suicidal Thoughts

Confession:  I think Brooke Shields is kinda amazing, both for having survived being a child star with class (and managing to remain successful through adulthood) and...


Post-Baby Exercise Prevents Bone Loss

Time, energy and youth are not the only things kids take from us — they also drain our calcium! In fact, women lose a significant amount of calcium to their...


Moms Who Do Not Exercise May Have Bigger Babies, Love Handles

Hey, ladies — if you’re having your first child and aren’t keen on pushing out an “overweight” baby, you may want to start hitting the gym,...