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Top 10 Best Things About Halle Berry Being a Mother of “Advanced Maternal Age”

When Halle Berry announced that she was (GASP!) pregnant at 46 years of age, people were taken aback — and had plenty of judgmental words to impart around the Internet.  So I thought I would help the actress celebrate the positive aspects of being an “older” mom with this (VERY tongue-in-cheek) list of…

The 10 Best Things About Being a Mother of “Advanced Maternal Age”

10. Can make kids roll their eyes with stories such as, “I remember a time when you had to WALK to the television to change the channel…”

9.  Creaking bones are good for waking up the kids for school in the morning.

8. You can post silly things about yourself on the social network of your generation—MySpace—without worrying the kids will ever discover them.

7. Diminishing vision means harder to see spots on furniture and dirt on clothes. (Ignorance is bliss!)

6. When the kids ask why you ever agreed to star in Catwoman, you can pretend you can’t hear them.

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Family Fashion Police: Jennie Garth and Halle Berry

Mr. Candy, our three-year-old daughter Skye and I share our thoughts about celebrities’ outfits.  Because the family that gossips together…stays catty together?  (A beautiful saying worthy of a crocheted pillow, I do believe.)

Jennie Garth

SKYE:  Good!  Mommy, YOU wear this!

CANDY:  Me?  Right now, I’m too busy trying to stop myself from making a stupid 9021-OH NO comment (well, so much for that)…

MR. CANDY:  Seriously, could Old Navy revoke her endorsement deal if they see this?

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