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From Now On, This Cat Shall Be Known as “The Baby Whisperer”

Reason #4676 to be Grateful for the Internet

The opportunity to see a dog dance the Merengue: Hmpf.  Meanwhile, my cats can barely Salsa.

Funny Bird Video: Cockatoo Shakes His Tailfeather to Ray Charles

Behold Frostie, who has more rhythm in his little claw than my two left feet could ever even hope to possess.

This Video is Goin’ to the Dogs

Because you can never get enough of silly pets:  here is a slideshow of various crazy dogs.  Some of which you’ll immediately want to adopt as your own.  Others...

Funny Pet Video: When A-Shih-Tzu Goes ‘A-Choo!’

A dog that sneezes and does his own hair on command…? Why he already has more talent in his tiny paw than the Hilton and Kardashian sisters combined!